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Is your experience with web design and digital marketing one of frustration and disappointment? Have you spent hours and thousands of dollars on your website design only to see little or no results? The most likely reason is that your goal was to have a great looking website. One that would impress the visitor and tell them about all the great things your company can do. Looking good only gets you so far in the crowded field of websites.

Your best chance for getting the results you want from your website is to answer the questions your prospects have and provide an easy way for them to like and trust you. Most common questions a website visitor has are:

In order to effectively answer these questions, you need to figure out who your customer really is. In order to do that, you must do the work that is necessary. As a roadmap to marketing success, DigitalMarketer© developed a process called the CVJ (Customer Value Journey). The CVJ is designed to help you define who your prospects are and what motivates them. It also gives you an idea of how they are feeling, and how they want to feel (Before vs After). Marketing is all about showing them the after and how your product/services makes the shift from one to the other; Faster, cheaper, and easier than your competition.

Using the keywords developed during the CVJ, you should plot out what content needs to be created so that you can answer the questions the prospect has when they are asking Google for the answers. This ranks you higher in search results thus increasing the chances of them clicking through to the relevant information, and possibly engaging further. And well thought out CTA’s (call to actions) and a good understanding of the prospects “after,” make it more likely they move to the next level which is where we convert them into a client.

Once you have the keywords in place and a better understanding of who they are you can write to them rather than at them. This makes the reader feel as if you truly “get” them and they will feel connected to your business on a deeper level. Your company can become the benchmark that other companies will be measured against.

Now that you have a clear understanding of your prospects “after” state and what questions they have, you can begin creating the messaging for the home page of the website, and the services and area pages. Its best to follow the high converting home page format, also created by DigitalMarketer. This amazing guide, which was developed based on research on thousands of home pages, will help your site visitors understand your business in a way the competition will never match. The high converting homepage answers the visitor’s critical questions immediately and shows them you can be trusted to understand their needs and deliver exceptional value. The web design of the inside pages of your website should also be written with a mind for SEO best practices.

After the prospect has become comfortable with your company and has decided you can be trusted, they are more likely to engage further. Site structure is critical at this point, making sure the prospect can navigate easily to the information they are seeking. Along the way, they should be invited to connect at a higher level through CTA’s or to consume additional content such as videos and infographics. Also, make sure your site structure complies with Google’s webmaster guidelines so that Google can crawl your site quickly. Don’t forget to build in security by enabling SSL, Google penalizes sites that are not secure With your website becoming a magnet for the ideal clients you are looking for, you can move onto the next phase of your marketing which is moving them from being interested in your product or service to having a buying conversation with you. You do that mostly with marketing automation software.

In conclusion, forget about having a great web design but instead strive to have the user experience the best your visitors have ever seen. Realize, it’s not about you! In most cases it will look even better than you had imagined, but the important this is will it really work to engage the visitor.



Greyson Schwing

CTO, Operations and Technology lead.

Greyson Schwing is the Chief Technology Officer and Operations Manager for More Prospects Now. He is primarily responsible for all the technical aspects. He is a graduate of Old Dominion University in Virginia. Greyson lives in the New Haven, CT area, expanding MPN’s presence. Living with his wife Casey, children Addison and Maya, and their two dogs and two cats, Grayson enjoys reading fantasy books and playing video games (frequently with Addison.)

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