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Top 5 Virginia SEO Company

If you’re wondering who the best Virginia SEO company is then check out the companies listed here or contact us for a free consultation! Your company needs customers to thrive. In addition to your regular customers, you need to bring in new ones too. A website is a great start, but can interested prospects find you? What do they find when they go searching?

A website needs to be optimized in order to be found. Search engine optimization (SEO) is what positions your company to be picked up and indexed by Google and other search engines. SEO means that your customers do a search and actually find you among the myriad of available websites that already know how to be picked up. If you haven’t done SEO on your website, you’re missing out, and so are your customers. And if you’re a small business depending on local traffic, SEO is more important than ever.

Why SEO?

Just having a website isn’t enough. Search Engine Optimization is the process where you identify:

  • What you have to offer
  • What prospects and customers are looking for when they start searching
  • The keywords that bring them to your website

When someone does a search for your company, what do they see? That’s what you need to find out, and change before your website is passed up again.

It’s Not Magic

A lot of people see SEO as some kind of “black magic” that you talk with someone about, they update your website, and then everything is different. Not exactly. SEO does involve doing some reworking of your website. With new keywords and regularly updated content, Google will see your website as dynamic and pick it up when someone searches for it. Known as “organic traffic,” these are people who are going to be searching for you and want to talk to you. SEO puts you in front of them, on demand.

Consider the car owner who has a sudden issue, and isn’t sure where to go for repair. Maybe their regular repair shop can’t see them, or they’ve had some issues with that shop and want to find a new mechanic. They’ll go online and look for “auto repair Fredericksburg VA.” Where will your shop appear? At the top, in first place? Or on page 723 of search results? Our Virginia SEO Company can help improve your search result rankings.

It Makes A Difference

Obviously, SEO is something you need to pay attention to. Getting your company to “rank” is what will put your company in front of more people. If you’re going to advertise, would you rather put up a billboard, (or use another form of traditional marketing) where lots of people will see it, but not many will pay attention? Or would you rather let people find you when they’re actually looking for you, and be there when they do that search?

The New Style Of Marketing

Digital marketing, which includes SEO, is what brings you new customers and can satisfy your existing ones, too.

It used to be that when you hired someone to help you market your business, it was a full-on advertising agency. They made recommendations for things like radio, TV, newspaper, magazine and billboards ads, and everyone hoped these methods worked. Sometimes, they did.

But can you afford to work with “sometimes they work?” SEO is an entirely different and much more effective form of marketing.

Who To Call

So where do you find someone local to help you improve your website’s SEO? Do a search! Here are five of the top Virginia SEO company agencies that can help you get started.

  • Social Market Way—calling itself the #1 digital marketing company in northern Virginia, this firm boasts that their customers report an 80% increase in their organic traffic. Using “white hat” (legal and ethical) SEO tactics and other digital marketing improvements, Social Market Way guarantees your website’s success in getting more web traffic and more leads for an increase in customers.
  • SEO In Action—this firm also works to increase your company’s organic website traffic for an increased ROI and revenue. They also offer web development and social marketing to build your online presence. Everything is done in-house so that there are no “shortcuts.”
  • SurgeStream—Focusing on local SEO, this company can help with localized traffic targeting, but can also market nationally or internationally. Offering website audits, social media marketing, paid advertising and content marketing along with their SEO services, they work with for-profit as well as nonprofit entities. SurgeStream works with small to mid-sized companies in the Washington-Baltimore-Northern Virginia area at a more affordable rate than SEO companies inside of DC.
  • Target Rocket—Offering “local SEO for local business,” this company will move customers away from your competition and lead them right to your door. Locally owned in northern Virginia, their goal is to make your website into a conversion machine that brings in customers—and revenue. What good is a website if it doesn’t drive customers to call you? Target Rocket creates a website that’s not just style and substance, but gets your website to interested local leads. They offer a free site audit to get your started.
  • Polianna—this agency works with northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.-area clients. Boasting about their own dominant SEO rankings on Google, Polianna offers the same results for local companies like yours. Using ethical best practices, this company works to raise your rankings as best and as fast as possible, while understanding the changes that search engines implement regularly. They can also help you recover if your company has suffered with “Google’s  algorithmic updates,” as they’ve done with other clients.
  • Bonus—More Prospects Now: is a digital marketing agency and Virginia SEO company, we’re right here in Fredericksburg. We provide a range of services that goes beyond creating a great website. We’ll create a digital marketing plan tailored for your company that will lead your search engine rankings, and design the website to make that happen. We’ll include strategies like content creation, digital marketing and other top-ranking services that bring your name to new, interested leads when they search for you. Our expert team works to raise your search engine rankings using SEO and other proven strategies that help your company get indexed by Google and other search engines and found by your leads and customers. Call us at 540-259-5001 or use our contact form. We’ll be in touch shortly. We’re so sure you’ll be happy with our services that we’ll never ask you to sign a contract. And if you’re not happy, you can cancel at any time.

Need help from our Virginia SEO Company? Just give us a call at 5402595001 for a free consultation. Contact us or you can also message us on Facebook.

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