Viedos to have on your website

So you want to improve your website, the SEO, the engagement and your conversion rate. We have the answer: you need to put videos on your site.
Okay, video really is the next step in website evolution. It’s what digital marketing in 2020 is all about. The data on videos is just stunning, and we’ll have a separate article to discuss it soon.

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Pricing Videos

First, you need a pricing video. When people come to your website, one of the first things they want know is, “What will this cost me?” But we can’t really put the price up there.

First of all, we want to talk to the person before we give them a price. Remember that when they’re coming to your website, you haven’t spoken to them yet. You have to convince them with some of your trust. You need to show that you are worthy of talking to them. One of the quickest ways to show that you are a trustworthy person is just share what it’s going to cost them right up front.

That being said, maybe you have a custom product, and you can give them the exact price. That’s okay. But you can give them generalities and tell them what will determine the overall price for them not coming in blind. Think about it—you probably hate going in blind. They do too, so deal with the price issue right away.

Problem-Solving Videos

Second video you want to do is you want to do a problem, a video if you’ve got a set of problems that come with your particular business deal with right up front, let people know what they are, okay?

In my business in digital marketing, there are lots of challenges. They are challenges such as you need to be involved, because we can’t capture by ourselves the essence in the meaning of your business. We need your involvement, your communication, your give-and-take. We need to become part of the team we can operate independently.

But what we find is that quite often when people hire a digital marketing company, what they really wanted someone to just do it for them. They don’t want to be involved. So, that’s a challenge we need to deal with right up front.

Review Videos

The type of video is all about reviews. We have Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and reviews in other palces. We can port the reviews into the site, but there’s something very believable and connecting about a video.

Well, what we could do in all of this example giving video about the different tactical methods you could use or other benefits of what you’re using. For example, should be using your smartphone or a dedicated camera for video? You can also include other tech topics. Whatever in your business that people need to know between two or three different items, do an educational piece about the differences.

The next that you need is reviews. Get your clients to actually do a video explaining what it’s like to deal with you to have you as the to be your client. Why they chose you, why they’re happy they chose you, whatever you can get that in video. It really impacts the conversion rate. People tend to believe other people

Best In Class Videos

Question: what is the absolute best that you can do if you’re selling?

If you’re selling new kitchens, maybe you do know the best counter tops the best refrigerator, the best cabinets. Whatever your business is about, tell people about the best there is. This calls for making “Best in Class” videos, educating your leads, prospects and clients about the absolute best in your industry.

Answer Those “Frequently Asked Questions”

I want to give credit where credit is due. This next one, along with a number of them, come from my friend Marcus Sheridan at Impact. He has a great book called They Ask, You Answer, which we highly recommend. But the next one is what he calls “The 80% Video.” We call it the Almost Every Time Video. These are the questions that people ask every time when they come out to talk to you.

It’s almost guaranteed at some point they’re going raise this point and these questions. It can be different for different products, different services. If you’re in a kitchen and bath remodeling business, the question might be, “well, how long is the project going take?” Because in the middle of the house, you’re interrupting everything. If you’re selling machinery maybe it’s what kind of warranty doesn’t have if it’s digital. In digital marketing, one of the things people always want to know is “how long before I see results?”

So if there are specific questions you get every single time, make sure you answer them quickly with a video.

Biographical Videos

People doing business with you, not with an inanimate object. They’re doing business with your company, and your company is made up of people. So every website should have a bio page where you introduce the people to the people that work for you. These videos can be 16 to 90 seconds. Basically, you’ll show them things like:

  • What I do when we interact?
  • Who I am as a person?
  • What do I do when I’m not here?
  • What can you do to help my company become more successful?

You also want these videos on all your websites for people so that they can get to know the people behind the company name.

Products And Services

Actually, every website should have a Product and Services pages. Include a video describing those products and services, giving examples of possible uses. Videos can explain quite often better than the written word can.

So you want both the written word and the video because different people react differently to the two. So your product and services pages should definitely have relevant, informational videos.

Landing Pages

Landing page videos can increase conversion by 80%, so you definitely want that 80% conversion. Create one. So videos for your landing pages, customer journey, see videos, ones that take people from the first time they know you exist to the time that they engage with you, to the time they get involved through the sales process to the delivery of the product, service, and what it’s like after being a CIT, that whole journey from the very beginning to the very end included for people can see what that Journey is like next the claims you make it okay every company makes either specific or implied claims okay, claims or quality claims of service claims of results whatever their claims of you should have a video describing the claims that you make, and if it’s a plain like.

“We give great customer service.” Understand that every single company in America claims to give good service. You need to give examples, and you need to explain what is different about your company where you actually can deliver on that promise.

Community Outreach

The next video that I think is very important: what is your company doing in the community?

Strive to answer questions like these:

  • How is the world of better place beyond the product or service that you sell?
  • How is the world a better place for the fact that your business exists?
  • What are you doing in the community is what you’re doing as a company.
  • What your individual employees are doing within the community?

I think this is a very powerful video to have online, and I encourage every company to have one.

Recruitment And The Corporate Culture

Next one that companies often overlook are the hiring videos. As always, we’re looking for new people in the period of a year.

Add some videos on the site that explains:

  • What you’re looking for in a team member
  • How to tell if you’re a good fit
  • What kind of company you are to work for
  • What it will be like once you get there
  • How to apply if you’re interested

These videos will keep good qualified candidates coming to you.
The next video that I think is very important: what is your company doing in the community?

Case Studies

People love case studies. They have a problem, and they want to know if you have a dealt with this problem before. If you have, how do you deal with it?

A case study highlights your client’s problem and how you (and your product or service) solved it for them. They’re short, to the point, and expand on the statement, “We worked with ABC company, this is the problem(s) they had, and how we solved it for them.”

This is how we addressed it, and here the results we got a very powerful case. What I’ll do, and I don’t know if you like me, but what I do is all scour through the case studies to find the case to… That’s most like my situation and when I find it that is a very powerful message to me that they can actually help me.

Additional Videos

You can also send short videos to prospects throughout the sales funnel.

For instance, if you’re planning to meet a prospect, send a video that explains what to expect in in that first meeting. If it’s a second meeting, send the next video about what to expect in the second meeting.

If you’re doing a process like a kitchen or other home renovation, short videos describing the process are also helpful, including one that describes the entire process. For instance:

  • What are the first steps,
  • What are the second steps,
  • How will the renovation disrupt me?
  • How do I limit the disruption?


So those are the videos that I recommend on virtually every website. It is a daunting when you first think of it. But it’s actually a very straightforward process, and you don’t need to finish them all overnight.

If you complete a few videos every month, by the end of the year you’ll have a very powerful website that brings in more prospects.

Greyson Schwing
CTO, Operations and Technology lead. Greyson Schwing is the Chief Technology Officer and Operations Manager for More Prospects Now. He is primarily responsible for all the technical aspects. He is a graduate of Old Dominion University in Virginia. Greyson lives in the New Haven, CT area, expanding MPN’s presence. Living with his wife Casey, children Addison and Maya, and their two dogs and two cats, Grayson enjoys reading fantasy books and playing video games (frequently with Addison.)

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