Using Video To Sell More

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Learning Center

Video in marketing is just one part of a digital marketing campaign.

A marketing campaign can consist of many parts, all of which are designed to work together. If you haven’t considered video as a component, you could be missing out on more exposure and more sales. Because how your video makes your customers feel is more important than what your message says to them.


Why Video?                                     

Reading a website, a PDF, or other content doesn’t bring the same kind of emotional response as a video.

Watching a video—even a short one—brings a bigger opportunity for you to connect with your prospects and turn them into customers.  Seeing and hearing a story or other narrative that’s coupled with scenery, music and other features elicits a powerful response than other forms of marketing.

Video allows you to bring passion and emotion into your message that reading a flat paper or screen just can’t duplicate. Create a video to trigger specific emotions, then bring them together with a specific call to action that’s more powerful than any CTA on a website.

Motivation based on emotion can be used to prompt someone into action. Visual and emotional storytelling has a much stronger impact on the people who see it because an action is driven by strong emotion.

Creating an emotional connection with your target market creates a much stronger response that will take a prospect further into the sales funnel, and eventually turn into higher sales.


Music Sets The Mood

What kind of mood do you want your video message to portray? Humorous, light-hearted, serious, fearful, or something else? Do you need to make your point more important, or poignant? Your choice of music is vital to the success of your video sales message.

Music can help create the emotion that prompts the action.

Where do you find just the right kind of music? If you’re a musician, you can write it yourself, but not everyone can. Or you can go online and find it. Two tools help you find the right type of music that’s inexpensive or royalty-free:

Both resources can help you find music based on emotion, and help your audience will understand the pain points very quickly. Whether you’re discussing a serious subject, entertaining the viewer, or helping them with a difficult decision, music based on the desired emotion goes a long way.

You can also use the music on various social media platforms without violating their various terms of service.


Bringing It All Together

Of course, you also want to use this video—sad, glad or otherwise—to drive its viewers to complete an action. Your video’s message, music, and underlying emotional connection must create the right mood for them to act. This could be signing up for your newsletter, accepting a free trial, or giving their credit card number to purchase, For instance:

  • A large, multinational company demonstrates its concern for human welfare showing its employees volunteering in a shelter for disaster victims.
  • An alternative health publication may use a video to describe the next big public health crisis that would make the yearly flu season look like a cold. They have the solution have to combat it.
  • A financial information publisher is warning about the possibility of a potentially devastating upcoming event.It could impact your savings, your retirement, your 401(k). Their newest book discusses the event, and ways to protect yourself. Their offer contains an opportunity to subscribe to information subscription services.

How can your business benefit from adding a video to your marketing? Contact More Prospects Now to schedule a call, send an email, or learn more about how we can help your marketing to increase conversions and sell more.

Arthur Radtke
Editorial Content Associate, 15+ Years of Content Marketing Expertise and Teaching. MPN founder Art Radke is on a mission to give smaller home services businesses an advantage that bigger national businesses have: marketing that brings in business. After running the largest Business Network International chapter in the US with his wife, Art and his wife began working with local home services businesses to help them compete with larger national organizations operating in their hometowns. Art lives in Fredericksburg, VA, with his wife and enjoys sailing.

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