Twitter Marketing Ad Hacks

When most marketers think of social media marketing, Twitter Marketing doesn’t always come to mind. What can 140 characters with a link do for you?

Well, a lot, if you understand how it works. The key for any social media campaign is CVO, or Customer Value Optimization. Once you understand the basics, you’ll be ready to go forward with your campaign. Read more about CVO here.

How Twitter Fits Into CVO

Twitter ads generate leads when they send traffic to your lead magnets. These are part of a marketing channel that aren’t designed to make money on their own.

You have three options for Twitter Marketing ads:

  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Trends

Promoted trends allow you to pay to keep a hashtag at the top of Trending Topics for a specific period of time. However, this is for larger advertisers, since it reportedly costs $200K to do it. Here, we’ll focus on Promoted Accounts and Lead Generation Cards to convert Twitter users into leads, email subscribers, and eventually, paying customers.

What’s Your Goal?

Start by identifying what you want your Twitter ad to do. Do you want to generate leads or grow your mailing list with your lead magnet? Or are you actually planning to sell something, like a tripwire or a core offer?

Optimization for conversion is the key here—you don’t have room to detail or explain your brand and how it can help the reader. You’ll have exactly 140 characters to get right to the point, and get the reader to follow your call to action (CTA.)

The Setup

Once you’ve designed your ad and Tweet (ad) you’ll need to set up your Twitter account if you haven’t already. (Note: make sure your location and time zone is correctly set. You won’t be able to change them later.) Chose a Promoted Account or Promoted Tweets campaign, and set up the rest of your account, including your credit card or other payment method. When that’s completed, you’ll see a number of different advertising options, and you’ll continue your setup from there.

Conversion Tracking

You want to know where and how your leads are converting, so set this up next. Name your conversions (use something relevant like “Email List Signup” or “White Paper Download”) and then choose your conversion type. The advanced attribution tells Twitter how long to attribute the conversion to your campaign. You’ll then be given a snippet of code to add to your web page or web template you want to track. The code will be verified the first time a user lands on the page. You can add this code to your shopping cart, your “thank you” pages for subscribing and submitting forms for you Twitter Marketing ad.

Creating And Promoting Your Twitter Marketing or Tweet (Ad)

In your Twitter account, go to Campaigns>Tweets and Account, then click the “New Campaign” button. Select “Promoted Tweets,” and name your campaign and chose its duration.

Now it’s time to send your Promoted Tweet to your target audience. You can target users by:

  • Gender
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Followers
  • Behavior
  • Devices
  • Keywords
  • Tailored audiences from CRM (your own)

You can also choose whether they see your ad in search results or on their timeline (you can also do both.)

Twitter’s own Best Practices allow you to select the basics, select an audience, and test to see what works and what doesn’t for your campaign.

Target audiences and locations that will actually buy your product or service. What are they searching for? Who do they tend to be? When you identify these parameters, you’ll be better able to set up and test your campaign to discover where your best ROI will be.

Run your campaign as long as it brings in more money than you are spending. It’s always better to specify locations instead of running “all locations.” You’ll run through your budget very quickly, wasted on locations that would never convert for you.

Choose The Right Tweet

You can choose one you already have, create a new one, or allow Twitter to choose it from your last five tweets. Twitter allows you to show your adjust to your target audience for your ad campaign, and not to the public.

Keep your Twitter Marketing tweet short and to the point, and don’t use a photo. It adds an additional link, since the photo won’t be in the tweet itself.  Keep the photos for your landing page, and give users only one link to click on. Otherwise, you’ll distract users from the landing page link.

Simple is best in a Twitter ad campaign. Shorter links convert better, as do shorter tweets. Your tweet should use short, direct copy or ask a question that’s similar to your headline. Leave out the photos but add a trackable link.

Setting Your Budget

While creating your campaign you probably figured out a budget as well. Before you can launch your ad campaign, you’ll be required to set up your Twitter budget. You’ll specify a daily budget as well as a total budget.

Twitter automatically suggests a budget amount for you, and you can modify it as needed. You won’t be charged more than the amount you specify for any user interactions. This includes Promoted Tweets, re-tweets, follows, favorites and clicks.

“Clicks” include clicks to the URL, hashtag, Tweet copy, username, avatar, and expand button, but not clicking through to your website. While you may see a number of clicks in your campaign, it may only mean a small amount of traffic going to your website.

Tracking Your Tweet

Your campaign is live the moment you “push the button” in Twitter, and you’ll be able to see everything in real time. This screen will show you everything happening with your Promoted Tweets, including a breakdown of the different user demographics.

Your main purpose is to track conversions, and if your campaign is successful with them. If your ad spending is doing well helping conversions, consider increasing your spending and continue promoting. If not, it’s time to optimize your Promoted Tweet.

Optimize Your Promoted Tweet

Start by analyzing what’s not working in your campaign.

  • If you’re getting impressions but not engagements, your Promoted Tweet copy needs a revision.
  • If you’re getting engagements and clicks to your website, but not many conversions, your landing page copy needs a revision.

Changing your Promoted Tweet is easy—click the “Edit Campaign” button in your campaigns dashboard and change it. Click the Save Campaign button and monitor the new tweet’s performance.

This update won’t appear on your main site, because it’s targeted to a specific audience. If the new tweet doesn’t perform well, it’s simple to change it again.


Twitter Marketing is just one facet of a complete social media ad campaign. Since Twitter was made for short, punchy headlines, you’ll challenge yourself to create the best tweet in as few words as you can.

Twitter’s 140-character messaging will make you get your point across quickly—convince your market to click on your link and visit your landing page for your lead magnet, tripwire or core offer. It may take a few tries to get the ad right for conversion, but once you do, you’ll be able to get more traffic to your landing page and into your sales funnel.

What are you waiting for?

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