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Having been in the digital marketing industry over 10 years, we’ve learned that no one business is the right choice for everyone. As a professional digital marketing company, we thought it would be helpful to review the businesses that supply web design services in the Richmond area, and give you our opinions as to who some of the top companies are.
When looking for web design support for your business, it is critical that a company not only has the technical skills for the job, but more importantly, that you resonate with them. Take the time to talk with several different companies and find ones that you feel have a solid understanding of your business and its needs. There are a lot of great companies out there so make it a priority to find a good fit for you and your business. We hope you find this list helpful, and if we can be of any other service to you, let us know!

1.Garza Web Design

Garza Web Design is a Richmond grown web design business hosting a plethora of website, marketing and branding services. They specialize in creating pleasing and professional websites, as well as expertly developing and executing SEO strategies.
While their high standards and expertise are sited primarily in the area of websites and SEO, Garza Web Design partners with local agencies to assure their customers the greatest quality marketing services necessary. A lengthy list of these services can be seen on their website, ranging from reputation management to social media marketing, and even things like business cards and printing services.
Founder and web designer Frederico Garza began the business in 2009 with the mission of helping individuals become and stay successful by the means of fruitful marketing. Ten years later, this remains to be the focus of the company, proving each client the personal attention they deserve.
Garza Web Design

2.Key Web Concepts

Key Web Concepts is a business focused on custom web design, branding, graphic design and SEO. When it comes to their philosophy, the ‘About’ page says it best. “We believe in: user friendly designs, GIF breaks, team lunches, a strong and consistent voice, brainstorming sessions, open communication with clients, plants as décor, work we can be proud of, natural light, and aquatic and reptilian office pets”.
Their experience and support lack no variety, offering services in areas like responsive design and secure ecommerce solutions, to SEO setup and packages and various forms of print material. Key Web Concepts is a great option for businesses looking to create strong marketing avenues, along with those that are interested in some redesign or rebranding.
Key Web Concepts

3.Third Marble Marketing

“Having a website without advertising it is like printing business cards and not handing them to anyone.” This philosophy, voiced by Third Marble Marketing founder Chris Fawcett, references the importance of online advertising for a small business. An effective marketing plan encourages consistent and continuous opportunity, making this a significant area for attention within a business.

Third Marble Marketing provides internet marketing services in the effort of getting small businesses on the first page of Google. Services offered are solely Google based, as their personal experience suggests that to be the most efficient way to connect a business to those looking for what they provide.
Third Marble Marketing provides design and management services for SEO, Google AdWords, as well as Review Management. Their cost-efficient options are great for businesses that are looking to avoid high overhead costs and have a limited marketing budget. As a Google Certified Partner, each of their employees have passed the Google certification exam, recognizing the company as a trusted partner in managing Google campaigns for small businesses. They have been consistently awarded by Google for having above average scores in reference to other agencies and pride themselves on their commitment to small business.
Third Marble Marketing

Formerly known as Samuel Little Graphic Design, SLGD’s rebranded name reflects their growth and official move beyond solely graphic design. Owner and originator Samuel Little started his business over 20 years ago with successful print advertising projects, much before digital marketing was a thing.
Today, SLGD concentrates their skills on website development, graphic design and advertising strategies for small businesses. This includes digital marketing services such as hosting, WordPress security, SSL certificates and installations, plus Facebook management, and graphic design support in logo and brochure designs. They also mention providing consulting, making SLGD an excellent choice for businesses that are looking to speak with a profession regarding how they can improve their company digitally.

5.BCS Website Services

In the business for over 15 years, BCS Website Services aims to create aesthetically appealing websites that reflect and convey a business’s corporate values. Their goal is to help clients convert traffic from their website to customers and viability for their businesses.
Along with support in web design and development, the BSC Websites Services team also provides backing in areas such as mobile friendly websites, migrations and integrations, and Content Management Systems. They offer a dozen digital marketing services and deliver the option to host your website on their servers and take advantage of several benefits in doing so.
Their belief in the responsibility as a business to support local community in donations of time and resources highlights and conveys the philanthropical attitude of BSC Website Services as a company.
BCS Website Services

6.Known Agency

Next in line is Known Agency, or KNOWN, a full-service web development and design agency boasting over 25 years of web and graphic design experience. Their scope of services is solely surrounding design, development and branding using digital creativity, ensuring the highest standard of effective marketing for their clients.
While their services are limited, KNOWN is no stranger to variety and expertise when it comes to experience in managing projects in a range of industries. From pet services, musical acting and political advocacy, to education, food service and architecture, the versatility and adaptivity of the development and design team at KNOWN is clearly reflected in their portfolio.
And with a canine Chief Happiness Officer named Spike and a Quality Control dog named Pickle, you can only assume that your experience working with the group will be nothing but a good one.
Known Agency

7.TORX Media

TORX Media Serves their clients by building websites and managing digital marketing campaigns. A full-circle web design and development agency, they provide support and services in digital marketing and web hosting also.
Their website work includes aiding with design, WordPress, ecommerce, and mobile website development, as well as custom content management systems. They offer support with branding, email, social media and search engine marketing, among many others under the digital marketing umbrella.
The TORX Media team of professionals prides themselves on their reliability to their clients and their aptitude to keep up with the ever-growing world of digital marketing.
TORX Media


COLAB is a digital marketing partnership agency focused on creating, managing and optimizing the marketing strategies of their clients. In addition to digital partnerships, their services include digital transformation solutions and website design and development.
Partnering with COLAB provides access to a team of experts and professionals in digital strategy, design, development, technology and project management. These specialists meet with their clients regularly to design and outline strategic marketing plans. They also provide advice to each client as to what the most appropriate avenues are based on their individual goals and needs.
COLAB designs and develops websites to provide significant value to businesses and their customers. They’re careful to learn the ins-and-outs of companies they are supporting, and use that information in structuring the design concept, outline and management to help clients secure new leads.

9.WebWorx, Inc.

WebWorx, Inc is a woman-owned small business enterprise, operated and successfully driven by Tori Bogardus Tansill. They provide web design and development, custom wedding websites, responsive web design, logos and email templates. They also mention training for individuals and staff who host a WordPress website and could use some education on operating it.
When referencing their assets, WebWorx, Inc stresses their strength in creative design services. Every website they produce is custom made without the use of templates, so to be completely original and geared toward the wants, brands, and expectations of the client. They express the importance of superior service and fair pricing for all customers, both from local small business as well as their high-profile clients.
Furthermore, WebWorx, Inc. contracts with many design firms, branding firms and ad agencies that are in need of a developer. They have all proper and state-of-the-art equipment and can be mobile when necessary. Services are offered in 3 inclusive website packages with varying levels of support according to your needs.
WebWorx, Inc.

10.Tech Ark

The founder and CEO of the next company came to America with a dream and a little bit of money in the hopes of building something great. Patrik Kothari, owner of TechArk, earned his Master’s in Computer Science from Old Dominion University and quickly worked his way from freelancer to business owner. He has won awards and gained recognition for his impressive skills in his short years of being in business.
TechArk is a web design company, creating rich and attractive website for small and medium sized businesses. In addition to web design, TechArk is your go-to company for services such as mobile app development, software development, and digital marketing using the Google G-Suite. Furthermore, they offer a ton of technical assistance in areas like content management, hosting and maintenance, SEO, user experience, photography, copywriting, security and compliance, and website analytics. This diverse range of support makes TechArk a great choice for businesses of all magnitudes, industries and needs.
Tech Ark

11.River City Consulting

River City Consulting is described as a full-service branding and advertising agency. On top of their support in website design and hosting, this Richmond based company also specializes in brand design, identity and strategy, as well as digital marketing, SEO, and business consulting.
Their expertise and success are nothing short of credible, with work of founder and CEO Justin Ellett featured in USA Today, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, INC Magazine, as well as on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX affiliates across the country. Coupled with Vice President and Creative Director Chris Phillips’ over twenty years of experience in large and small-scale marketing and design, River City Consulting is a home-run for business trying to build their identity and get it out there for people to see.
River City Consulting

12.The Idea Center

The Idea Center is a web design company serving local, national and international businesses from their headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Besides website design and development, The Idea Center also extends their services to include SEO and SEM, video production and photography, as well as marketing support through the avenues of social media, TV, radio, and print.
Their main priority is helping clients generate new business opportunities while nurturing the relationships already established with current customers. The Idea Center team makes it their mission to understand their client’s business and target audience in a way that allows them to create appropriate branding and marketing tools to separate their clients from competitors and become more engaging to prospects.
The Idea Center

13.28 Media

28Media is a web design and development agency that creates websites for professional service firms, companies and nonprofits of all scopes.Aside from planning, design and development,they provide digital marketing and technical services to enhance a business’s online presence and draw in new customers. Clients enjoy an array of benefits including email systems and templates, hosting services, ongoing maintenance retainers, and support ofexperts and management of SEO and social media marketing.
The company was created in 2005 by Richmond native Sharif Ewees, the former organizer of the developer community Refresh Richmond and past president of Richmond Advertising Club. With nearly 20 years of web design experience, Sharif and his team at 28Media partner with other specialists and professionals to provide clients clean, functional and effectivepages for their companies.
28 Media

14.The Dill Design

The Dill Design is a full-service digital creative agency offering services in web development and digital marketing. They host assistance and experience in a number of areas including web hosting, design and development, graphic design and logos, email and digital marketing and responsive web design. Their team of experts provide experience in SEO and SEM, social media marketing, pay per click (PPC), and content marketing strategy. These areas of support, in addition to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), all increase the conversion of a business’s website visitors to leads and customers.
While their projects speak volumes to their ability and consistency, perhaps the most notable account of The Dill Design’s work is the award recognition of “Best Web Designer in Richmond”in 2016 and 2018, given to them by This honor is indication and assurance of the value of hiring The Dill Design for your companies digital creative desires.
The Dill Design

15.Taylor Pace

The next Richmond based company is Taylor Pace, a web design business assisting with SEO and first page of Google strategy, blogging and branding, local citation building and guest posting.
They stress the importance of personal relationships within small business, stating that above all, their clients feeling taken care of is their priority. Opting out of advertising on websites that they create, Taylor Pace relies heavily on word of mouth and strong client relationships, which have kept them in business for over 11 years.
The business is unique in that, aside from their web design and digital marketing services, they also have a 1990 Grand Wagoneer for rent for marketing, events, or just for fun!
Taylor Pace


Emerge is the result of a parent company that was founded to “help the under-served but rapidly growing market of small business owners find their footing online”. Following in it’s footsteps, Emerge strives to providevaluable and top quality solutions for small businesses at lower costs than others in the industry.
Their focus is on brand development, content strategy, as well as social media marketing, website customization, and education and support for business owners trying to gain a notable position in their industries.
Interested businesses and individuals have two service packages to choose from. Their Starter Package includes much of what a business needs to get their identity known and their marketing off the ground,including logo design, domain and email, business cards and landing page installation. Emerge also hosts a Social Media Package offering the creation of accounts, profile pictures, cover photos and a training session for the client. For businesses that are just starting out or looking to expand their brand exposure, Emerge is a great fit.

17.Whittington Consulting

Suggested by its name, Whittington Consulting is a web consulting agency, working primarily with businesses looking to expand at least 25% in size within the next two years through both sales and marketing.
Their avenues of doing so include web design and redesign, digital and inbound marketing strategy, lead generation nurturing, sales enablement, web optimization, and sales technology. In addition to these services, they also host workshops and marketing trainings to empower their clients and sales teams to grow with their businesses in terms of education and their use of technology.
All efforts are to attract the appropriate audience to a client’s website, effectively converting that traffic into sales that produced measurable growth.If your company is looing to take that leap and work toward largely growing your business to the next level, Whittington Consulting is the ideal choice for you.
Whittington Consulting

18.Rocket Pop Media

“Rocket Pop Media is where web development, internet marketing, social media, and an advertising agency collide”. That is how the next business answers the question of who they are. In short, Rocket Pop Media is a web design and digital marketing agency.
They boast an impressive full in-house team of Graphic Designers, Developers, Social Media Strategists, HD Videographers, Copywriters and Bloggers, Print Placement and Media Buyers. Their support to their clients ranges from web design to marketing media including content, print, video and social media management.
Referencing their strengths, Rocket Pop Media expresses their attention to detail and belief in the importance of staying ahead of shifting trends and the ever-evolving digital market. “After all, being ahead of the wave is the only way to catch the wave. We’re really good at catching waves”.
Rocket Pop Media

19.Net Search Digital Marketing

NetSearch Digital Marketing hosts a variety of service in the web design and digital marketing areas. The business consists of two physical locations, one in Richmond, VA and the other in Austin, TX. Their notable team of 25 full-time professionals includes 10 Google Certified specialists. NetSearch Digital Marketing is also part of the elite 3% of all Google partners, claiming the status of Premier Partner. Each of their clients are assigned a personal project manager as well as a client representative that are dedicated to their account and ensure the best service for all of their customers.
Services include website design, portfolios and maintenance, as well as franchise marketing. They also offer lead generation through means of SEO, PPC advertising, directory building, and display and remarketing. It is worthy to recognize that NetSearch recently made the Inc. 5000 list for fastest growing companies in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Inc. 5000 is an annual list hosted by Inc. magazine distinguishing and spotlighting America’s Top entrepreneurs. Through their 13 years of business, NetSearch Digital Marketing has proven to be a reliable and impressive web design and digital marketing company focused on improving business for their clients.
Net Search Digital Marketing

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