Cold traffic requires targeting that’s specific to your target market’s interests, and putting the content where your target prospects hang out. If you’ve got great copy, images, and a great offer that they can’t refuse, and you put it in the wrong place, your campaign is over before it begins. Your target audience won’t see it unless you run your ads where they will. Here, we begin the process of building the relationship. Let’s examine how to find them and get in front of them to start that process.


Be Specific

Molly Pittman of Digital Marketing uses this litmus test when searching for an ideal target audience:

“But No One Else Would. . . .”

In other words, people who are more than familiar with your subject matter. They know more than the general public would. Those who are “in the know” about your subject matter would understand it, but no one else would know or understand. This is true of nearly any subject matter, from gourmet cooking to stock car racing to e-commerce.

If you’re the person who has this inside, intimate knowledge, or you’re the target market, you’ll know and understand the correct keywords to use in your ad and copy. If you aren’t, you’ll need to interview someone who is (friend, relative, or an expert in the field) or use Google to research and find out where the ardent part of your target market hangs out.


Examine Your Target Audience

Answer some or all of these questions to get a better idea of your target audience and where to find them:

  1. 1. Who are the authority figures, thought leaders or big brands in your niche?
  2. 2. What books, magazines and/or newspapers does your ideal customer read?
  3. 3. What events do they attend?
  4. 4. What websites do they frequent? Where do they “live?”
  5. 5. What tools do they use? (Are they bloggers, golfers, chefs?)
  6. 6. What is SPECIFICALLY UNIQUE about this group? Again, you must be specific to narrow down
    your demographic and/or target audience.

Look for things that only those who are into your subject matter would be familiar with. If you’re targeting a specific demographic—age, gender, etc.—you’ll set up an audience definition when creating your ad.


Cold Traffic Ad Copy And Other Creative Items

You want your ad to broadcast “value,” especially your headline. Make Adsense sure that when someone clicks on your link, they don’t feel like they’ve left the platform or search engine to go to your landing page. They aren’t alarmed when they’ve clicked away and moved on, because your look is nearly the same as they saw on the platform. Maintain the same design and tone in the copy, too.

Let your ad give the content’s value up front, with a copy-heavy top for click-through showing the benefit. Make it actually look like real content, complete with a branded image or photo with your marketing message.


What’s The Benefit Here?

Give your cold traffic audience a benefit for clicking through. What are you going to teach them? What will they get when they click? Your picture or branded image should portray the marketing message as well.

Using the article’s headline as the ad headline maintains AdSense and is very important to make your ad look like content.


Setting Up Your Cold Traffic Facebook Ad Campaign

You’ll do this inside of Power Edition, not directly in Facebook. You’ll click “Download to PE” to ensure syncing up-to-date data, then “Create Campaign.”

If you are setting up a $10 a day budget, this is where you’ll assign the ratio. Here, use $6; the rest will be distributed to your warm and hot traffic campaigns.

Set up your parameters under “Edit Audience”—region, demographics, age, etc. Add anything that’s relevant to your business, removing non-relevant interests. If your audience isn’t big enough, you can add more interests until you have the audience size you’re looking for. Facebook also suggests additional interests if your audience is small.

This isn’t the time to target your demographic yet. Leave those parameters open, and set up your ad campaign for three to five days, aimed at your target audience. Then click “Save.” Your campaign will upload and be submitted to Facebook for approval. Once approved, your ad will appear in a few days.

Testing will depend on your market, and how you set up your campaign (PPC, etc.) You can also allow Facebook to optimize it for you. After three to five days, you’ll have plenty of data to determine what groups or demographics respond the best. Once you’ve identified your best demographics, then you can begin to directly target them. You’ll also know how much it costs to pixel your users, and where to concentrate your next ad campaign.


Warming Up Your Cold Traffic

Getting to cold traffic isn’t as difficult as you think, once you understand how to find them, and help them find you. You just need an introduction, and to offer them a benefit to click and keep reading. Once they’ve been introduced, your cold traffic will be on its way to becoming “warm.”

Greyson Schwing
CTO, Operations and Technology lead. Greyson Schwing is the Chief Technology Officer and Operations Manager for More Prospects Now. He is primarily responsible for all the technical aspects. He is a graduate of Old Dominion University in Virginia. Greyson lives in the New Haven, CT area, expanding MPN’s presence. Living with his wife Casey, children Addison and Maya, and their two dogs and two cats, Grayson enjoys reading fantasy books and playing video games (frequently with Addison.)

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