“Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn.”

Both Ben Franklin and Confucius are alleged to be the author of this quote, with Confucius the most likely. This quote appears in various forms on social media from time to time and shared widely. So is it true?

Consider if you’re driving somewhere on someone else’s directions. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and the same is true if you’re using a map or the GPS on your phone. If you’ve ever found yourself where you didn’t intend to go, or going around in circles while using a GPS, you’ll understand. But once you successfully drive to a destination once or twice, you’ll be able to get there easily on your own. Until you drive it and see it for yourself, you won’t make a connection.

Online video is the same way. Whether you’re trying to learn a new technique, figure out a problem, or just be entertained for 15 minutes, video tells the story and helps viewers to understand faster and better than reading about it.


Why Video Works Better

We process video faster and retain more of it. Businesses that use video to their advantage not only inform viewers, but engage with them and begin a relationship.

Additionally, video brings an increase of more than 150% in organic traffic from search engine pages. Video can deliver short messages about anything from a product to your company’s culture.

Watching video online can show you how to solve a problem, or create something. You can learn something new in a short time. Video can give you additional information that you didn’t have before, or tell a story much better than reading it on a page. And video can make you laugh or make you cry.

It’s time to think about what can video do for your company.


Science-Based Reasons Why Video Connects

Storytelling in marketing is huge—and there isn’t better way to tell your story than with an effective video. But there’s more to it than just being easier to watch.

1. Video is stored in your long–term memory. Because it has more room than short-term memory, a video is more likely to be remembered later than text. That’s important when the person watching the video is a decision maker, or is preparing to purchase.

2. Vision is our dominant sense, so we process video 60,000 times faster than reading. Video also turns on the emotional connection and lures viewers in to learn more and keep watching. A simple and on-target video keeps the message from becoming overwhelming.

3. Video is also processed and encoded in the same place that stores emotions: in the medial temporal lobe. This means that while people watch, they begin to relate to the material and form an emotional attachment. Now do you understand why video connects on an emotional level?

4. With 40% of your brain’s nerve fibers connected to your retina, it’s no wonder vision is our dominant sense, and why 65% of people are “visual learners.” A full 90% of information taken in by the brain is visual, so it makes sense to dedicate a fair amount of energy to video. Visual learners appreciate a well-made explainer video, with or without narration

5. It’s important to keep your video’s message focused and on-target. Otherwise, off-topic visuals will have viewers trying to decipher the reason and the message of the visual, distracting them from the video’s message. You can’t just throw together a video for your target audience—make sure everything connects to the core content or narration and that it makes a meaningful connection with viewers.


Why Your Business Should Use Video

It’s simple—connecting with your audience through video marketing and branding builds trust and relationships for your company. Video is also one of the most profitable as well as versatile tools available:

  • Conversions and sales are boosted by video, as much as 80%, with 74% of viewers buying after watching an explainer video.
  • Videos deliver ROI, even if they aren’t exactly perfect. It’s the content that matters, and editing tools are becoming affordable and easier to use.
  • A video on your website increases your chances of Google finding it. Why? Google owns YouTube, so now embedded videos significantly increase your rankings. So both customers and search engines love to see your online videos.
  • Video is great for on-the-go mobile watchers, and a full 90% of viewers watch video on their mobile devices. The smartphone market continues to grow, and because people like to watch videos on mobile devices, your audience will also continue increasing.
  • Use video to explain a new product or service you’re offering with an explainer video. Animation is also useful for discussing something that’s more complicated or complex instead of text or a person just standing in front of a camera and talking.
  • Video can engage busy (or lazy) viewers quickly. It’s very easy to consume without reading long, complicated product descriptions that may be difficult to understand quickly. Seeing the product in action and hearing an easy-to-understand summary helps a customer decide for himself if it’s something he wants.
  • The ability to share an entertaining or interesting video on social media gives you an ever-increasing visibility. Since people share emotions, not facts, the “fun” video can be the tool that brings traffic to your website. From there, your website takes over for your ROI.

People Love Video

It’s no surprise that YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world with nearly 2 billion monthly active users (MAU.) So it makes sense not only to add video to your company’s website, but to open a channel and read up on YouTube SEO so your videos will rank as well.

If you’re still considering whether or not your company can benefit from video, contact us at More Prospects Now and talk to us about how we can use video to promote your brand and increase your online visibility.

To discuss how videos can help you grow your business click here to schedule time to discuss.

Arthur Radtke
Editorial Content Associate, 15+ Years of Content Marketing Expertise and Teaching. MPN founder Art Radke is on a mission to give smaller home services businesses an advantage that bigger national businesses have: marketing that brings in business. After running the largest Business Network International chapter in the US with his wife, Art and his wife began working with local home services businesses to help them compete with larger national organizations operating in their hometowns. Art lives in Fredericksburg, VA, with his wife and enjoys sailing.

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