Pinterest Marketing – Using Promoted Pins

If your company hasn’t yet embraced Pinterest Marketing as an avenue for social media advertising, it’s time to start. Pinterest is the #5 social media website and the #2 source of social media traffic.

Its use as a search function makes it even more lucrative for marketing a brand. With 100 million active users, Pinterest Marketing is growing faster than Facebook. But as a marketing and branding medium, it’s fairly new to the game.

Over 75% of pins are from businesses. Shouldn’t your company be there?

Why Pinterest?

Users sign into Pinterest for one thing: they’re looking for something. Anything from new slow cooker recipes to wedding gowns to plans and instructions to build a backyard shed, users can find it with a quick search. interest Marketing is primarily query-based traffic, so adding your company’s brand and products is putting your message right in front of the people who are looking for them, right when they need it. Promoted pins will come up first when someone does a search.

Pop-up ads, Facebook and other social media ads may show up on websites and in news feeds, but Pinterest’s promoted pins flips the equation. Users are actually on Pinterest looking for your product or service, either to gather information for later, or to make a purchase. By adding the keywords users are already actively using in the search function, you can write your copy accordingly.  Your promoted pins are at the top of the search results once they’re live.

Why Should You Promote Your Pins?

Ezra Firestone is the owner of Smart Marketer, and a strong advocate of promoted Pinterest pins. His website offers multiple training courses in various e-commerce methods, including one just on Pinterest’s promoted pins.  His Blue Ribbon Mastermind is designed for current six-figure e-commerce businesses who want to solidify their business and expand their marketing strategies.

Pinterest Marketing wtih Promoted pins are among the first visible in the user’s search results, so you must make everything count. A good picture of what you want to feature (vertical, not horizontal, with a minimum ratio from 2:3 to 1:3.5). If you use more than one image, put the strongest in the upper third of the pin with no edging. Put the right keywords in the right place, and your Pinterest ad campaign will help your brand and your product show up and stand out right in front of your audience.

If you haven’t done so already, open and set up your Pinterest Business account. You’ll need a place to put your promoted pin first, so start a few boards and add some pins, either your own or someone else’s with relevant content. Then get started on the new pins.

How do you find the right keywords for Pinterest?

When Ezra Firestone wanted to find out, he created a tool called SpinKeywords for his team, just so they could find the best Pinterest Marketing keywords. SpinKeywords is now a simple, free online tool that anyone can use to find keywords that are being used on Pinterest in real time. It just takes a few minutes to set up your account and you can search for any number of keywords.

Once you’ve decided on which product or service you want to feature and promote, go to Pinterest’s site and do a little searching for something similar. You’ll get an idea of what people are searching for on the subject. Then visit SpinKeywords, and type in your chosen keywords. You’ll see the multiple keywords and keyword phrases that users are searching for in Pinterest to find the products and services just like yours. Use tight, very relevant keywords.

Putting It Together

When you’ve captured the keywords you want to use, write the copy for your pin. Firestone says that your pin should be “helpful, beautiful and actionable.”

Aim for 15-20 keywords per pin, and put them in the first 75 characters. You’ll have 300 characters to work with, and you’ll be adding keywords and a link.

Where should your keyword link take the user? A landing page, a sales page? Your pin should show exactly what people are clicking on, so create a tracking tag and add it to each point.

Firestone suggests separating your mobile, iPad and Desktop ads to identify where each click is coming from. Remember to verify your conversion tags before start your Pinterest Marketing and promote your pin.

Tracking Your Pins

Although Pinterest does offer some tracking, Firestone suggests using a separate tool like Google Analytics for tracking to get a better picture of how your campaign is doing. His YouTube video on Google URL Builder shows you the easiest way to get started. You can add more keywords for more detail.

Firestone suggests starting with three campaigns with three pins per keywords, spending about $1 or $2 to start with. Figure out a daily budget, how long to run your campaign, and put your first promoted pin on your board.

Get Started Now

You can get Pinterest Marketing help from Pinterest’s website covering a Promoted Pins ad campaign (to learn how, start hereand here.) Unlike other social media pay-per-click campaigns, your pins stick around forever to be repinned anywhere someone is looking for your company. In a short time, users will be seeing your brand, pinning your message, showing it to other users and converting to loyal customers.

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