7 Search Page Optimization Principles
On-page SEO is no longer a simple matter of checking things off a list. There’s more complexity to this process in 2016 than ever before, and the idea of “optimization” both includes and builds upon traditional page elements. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand explores the eight principles you’ll need for on-page SEO success going forward.

This week we’re going to chat about on-page SEO, keyword targeting but beyond keyword targeting into all the realms of the things that we need to optimize on an individual URL in order to have the best chance of success in the search engines in 2016.

So what does that involve? Well look, we could spend a tremendous amount of time on any one of these, but I’m going to share eight principles that are behind all of the tactical work that you would put into optimizing that page for that keyword term, phrase, or set of phrases. Most likely, in 2016, it is a set of phrases that you’re targeting rather than just a single keyword term.

The subjects discussed;

The need to fulfill on the searches goal

Meaning that when this page is clicked on. We want the searcher to see the information they were looking for so that they engage with it. If they do not see it as useful, they will bounce which Google will see as detrimental.

Speed, Speed, and more speed!

Users hate waiting for pages to load the faster, the better. If it takes to long, they will leave and go to another site.

You need to develop trust and engagement. Best done by using UI, UX, and branding to let the viewer know you are an expert.

Avoid elements that dissuade people

Rand talks about items people put on their pages that undermine their results.


Keyword targeting

You need to develop a keyword list and tell Google what keywords your page is addressing. He will explain how to do this and what areas to use for it.

Snippet Optimization

Title meta URL these and the other snippets need to be correct to aid Google on sending you all the site visitors you want.

Unique Value and Optimization

Rand will explain how to WOW and promote your material.
Know please watch the video for a complete understanding of how to rank for what you want.

Greyson Schwing
CTO, Operations and Technology lead. Greyson Schwing is the Chief Technology Officer and Operations Manager for More Prospects Now. He is primarily responsible for all the technical aspects. He is a graduate of Old Dominion University in Virginia. Greyson lives in the New Haven, CT area, expanding MPN’s presence. Living with his wife Casey, children Addison and Maya, and their two dogs and two cats, Grayson enjoys reading fantasy books and playing video games (frequently with Addison.)

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