Linkedin Marketing Tips- Using LinkedIn’s B2B Ad System

As every advertiser knows, marketing to a B2B audience is a lot different than B2C but Linkedin Marketing Tips should help you get started. But just like B2C, the best place to put your marketing budget is where your customers gather. In the B2B world, one of the best places to be is on LinkedIn.

Sure, you can set up a company page, share it, promote it on your website to get followers, and update it when you have news. But to go beyond the page and updates, you’ll need to start creating ads to promote your company. LinkedIn has an easy, affordable system to help you do just that.

LinkedIn is more than just a “job hunting site.” It’s the website for professionals to network, collaborate and share information. If your company isn’t on LinkedIn, it’s time to start using our Linkedin Marketing Tips to increase brand awareness.

Why LinkedIn?

Using our Linkedin Marketing Tips is a great idea because it’s the #1 platform for lead generation. With a membership of over 500 million professionals, 4 out every 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions. These are people you should be talking to and getting your message in front of. To get started, all you need is a free LinkedIn page. Fill out your company’s profile, add the logo and relevant pictures, and use their simple LinkedIn “follow” buttons for your company’s website. If your employees aren’t on LinkedIn, encourage them to start a profile and tag you as their employer.

Now it’s time to start posting content. Post your own, or share relevant information from other sources. Daily posting is essential to getting followers who are interested in your company. If they don’t see you, how will they know you’re there?

Brand Promotion And Marketing

LinkedIn has several ways for you to put your company’s message in front of the right people:

  • Premium Display Advertising
  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Self-Service Ads (PPC)
  • Text Ads

Each one is different, but they target the very business people you’re looking for. LinkedIn’s adjustable pricing allows you to budget accordingly. LinkedIn’s ads are “targeted self-service ads,” and are auctioned. Our Linkedin Marketing Tips can be used much like other marketing services where you’ll bid against other advertisers who are interested in reaching the same audience you are.

Premium Display Advertising

The “gold standard” of advertising for Linkedin Marketing, these campaigns are a minimum of $25,000. LinkedIn manages everything for you. These are prominent banner ads similar to ads on Google search engines.

Sponsored Content

With this option, you can create your ad in just a few minutes, and promote it across multiple devices and platforms. It looks like the same posts in your newsfeed, but will say “sponsored.” These posts are intended to provide useful information that leads the reader to click on the post and visit your landing page.

Similarly, using these Linkedin Marketing Tips, you’ll have the ability to create a “Direct Sponsored Content” post, similar to Facebook’s “Dark Posts.” These are unpublished posts that don’t appear on your company’s page or show up in organic search results, but are shared as ads on command. Useful for split testing, these unpublished types of posts allow you to target to an audience, such as gender, age, relationship status and other specific demographics. However, interests aren’t searchable.

Once you’ve decided who your target audience is, use the simple tools and create your ad. A good picture or graphic is better, since it’s more likely to be seen. Chose a broad audience at first, over 300,000, who will get the message out so that people will start seeing it. After LinkedIn’s algorithms start working, then you can narrow your campaign’s focus. Use the “Audience Expansion” tool to find similar people to target.

Sponsored InMail

Another Linkedin Marketing Tips recommend using the private messaging function which allows you to talk to anyone on the platform without fishing around for their email address. They’re delivered only when a user is logged into LinkedIn, and the mobile-friendly design works whether they’re on mobile or desktop. They’re “inbox” messages that deliver personal invitations to webinars, offer targeted promotions or highlight downloadable content such as white papers, e-books and case studies. Unlike widely used templates, Sponsored InMail messages can be personalized for the recipients.

Self Service Ads

These are highly visible hyperlinked line ads that appear at the top of LinkedIn pages. The headline has just 25 characters, and the description, just 75 characters. Self-Service Ads can be shown to a very specific target audience, and is best used for white papers on ROI, free software trails and webinars seem to be the best use of these ads.

Text Ads

These native ads are a small amount of text and a very small picture, and appear in a sidebar under the title, “Ads You May Be Interested In.” Similar to Facebook, they’re small, short ads that appear on the right side of the page. They’re simple to create, less expensive and can be targeted for as big or as small of an audience as you’d like. Like other types of LinkedIn ads, these are used to get users to click through to a landing page or other specific place.

Lead Gen Forms

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Your call to action (CTA) is nearly instant when your prospects click on a button and are taken to a form that populates with their LinkedIn information. Built into your ad campaign, interested prospects sign up, sign in or request information with a simple click. They won’t spend their time typing in all their information, because it will already be there. They just need to approve and send the form along. Once they click “submit,” they’ll be taken to a thank-you page that gives them they requested (e-book, etc.) and you’ll have instant leads for your business that you can measure in Campaign Manager.

Tracking Your Campaign

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager offers built-in conversion tracking that starts with Insight Tag, a piece of code you add to your website. Installing this lightweight bit of javascript code allows you to easily keep track of your campaign’s website conversions, right in your LinkedIn profile page. You’ll be able to see which campaigns your leads are coming from, your ROI, and take that information to refine your campaigns without ever leaving LinkedIn. You won’t have to wonder if anyone is paying attention to your ads, because you’ll know immediately.

If you’d like an outside tool to help track your campaign:

  • Clickmeter is one of many free and paid tools available to track your conversions.
  • If you’re already using Google Analytics, Google’s URL Builder helps you build custom tracking links that you can use for your Linkedin Marketing ad campaigns. (Find a YouTube video tutorial on building Google URLs here.)

The Direct Line to B2B

Linkedin Marketing has an exclusive B2B ad system helps you target the people you’re looking for, with available tools to help you start, run and manage your ads and your campaign. By putting your message in front of thousands of qualified prospects, you can quickly and easily target the right people and increase the number of prospects and sales for your business.

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