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23 New Client Lead Development Tips

Getting new leads and growing your business can be difficult but it can be a whole lot easier if you have a variety of tactics to employ in your lead development arsenal. More Prospects Now have put together 23 new client lead development  tips for you to use to help elevate your game. These strategies offer various ways to promote your business and develop new leads.

1) The “Few Fries Short Of A Happy Meal” Strategy

How many options do you offer your potential clients? Do you have a basic service package that you
offer to everyone? Or do you offer them a choice of standard service, as well as premium services at
a higher level?
Consider this lead development strategy: at one time, McDonald’s would ask nearly every customer, “would you like fries with
that?” It was a small upsell that generated over $200 million per year in the US alone.
You can do the same thing with your agency, by offering “fries with it.” Always have an upsell, a
premium offer, ready for your potential clients.
If you’re not offering your clients any kind of upsell, you’re definitely missing out on additional
revenue. You should always have a first-tier premium service available and ready to share with both
new and existing clients. Your “upsell” will include additional, high-level services they may be
interested in. If they don’t know about it, you can’t sell it to them. The worst they can do is say, “no
You’ll be surprised how many people will take the higher premium offer, so they can work with you at
a higher level.
If you offer premium services, you can make premium sales. You can’t sell them that service if you
don’t offer it to them. People will value your brand, and have a higher perception of value, too.
Of course, not every client will sign up for your higher-level premium service, and that’s OK. But
they’ll always have the opportunity to buy it later. You may sell the higher-end service to one out of
every ten prospective clients, bringing additional sales and income.
You’ll never know unless you ask.
Make sure you always have a top-tier premium offer ready for clients who are interested.

2) Beverly Hills 90210

This method of lead development involves bypassing the little fish in favor of the big fish. Unlike small
to medium sized companies, you’ll encounter the least amount of competition at the biggest, high-
end companies in the market. They’re usually not focused on strategies, and go all-in on a broad
Target a list of the biggest players in your market. Build a list of them, and take an interest in their
companies and people. Watch their news releases, launches and other announcements on big
companies, and nurture the relationship. Look for a reason to connect to these high-value, high-end
markets and companies, especially Fortune 500 companies, since they have specific budgets.
Ask questions like,
“Would you like to redirect IRY by taking a portion of your budget and using it toward. . .”
“Have you ever redirected any of your budgets in projects to run testing?”
“Have you reviewed interest in high-end projects strategically to run test and run a pure
campaign to improve the returns of your AdWords campaign?” Usually, you’ll be told, “we
haven’t, we just run our campaigns.” Most don’t.
Respond with, “Would you like to see direct IRY by allowing us to take a part of your budget, test the
campaign, and when we get it right, then we can consume a bigger budget so we can a much better
result?” This makes a lot of sense to a marketer, and many will say “yes.”
A portion of an entire budget is a small part of a campaign that can run in the millions. Most
companies have a standard marketing agency, and the executives aren’t completely versed in current
trends like AdWords.
If you can speak to small- and medium-sized businesses, you can talk to big businesses, too.
Take an interest in each company, the industry and the people, and you’ll be spending more time
with them. They’re looking for people who can help with lead development too, and there’s not a lot of competition. If you get it right, they’re very loyal and will come back to you for more business. This is key for building your
business strategically and deliberately.

3) The Billboard Hot 100

What companies do you really want to work with? Think about the ones that would be your ideal
clients, and consider the industry. Then start looking for similar companies that you can also target.
You’ll only need a simple Google search to find them. Look for things like, “Top 100 accounting
firms.” “Top 100 law firms.” “Top 100 universities.” Pick your industry and start searching for the top
Build a nurturing campaign to reach out to them and begin engaging with them at multiple levels, as
long as it’s relevant. Learn about these businesses. Use several contact methods to reach out to
them—emails, direct mail, phone calling, as well as live events.
The more “touch points” you create, the more they see you, and the more open they will be to
engaging with you. You only need a single top 100 client for you to be able walk into other top 100
offices, because you’ll have the association. How do you get there? Go for the biggest fish first.
After you catch that first “big fish,” you can use that association to catch more “big fish.” You’ll be
able to say to potential new clients, “this is the type of company we work with. If you’re like this
company, maybe we should talk.”
When you engage with them, offer them some level of consulting service that you can be paid for
that gives them value and helps them with their results. Once you have that company on your client
list, it will open doors at other, similar high-value companies in your industry and other markets.
This is a long term strategy. You only need 5 or so high-value clients in any market to do this, and
you can “hang your hat” on it. Using this method, you can significantly grow your agency.

4) The Business Card Pickup

Do you take business cards from people and then get home with a pile, but never do anything else
with them? Or are you one of those people who don’t have business cards at all? (Many people who
work in online businesses skip them.)
Don’t create a paper pile with business cards. When you do get one, use a scanner app like
ScanBizCardsCamCard or WorldCardMobile, and scan them directly into your phone. You don’t have
to keep the card, (you can give it back) and the contact information is saved.
Have an email on your phone at the ready to send to the individual that says something like, “Thanks
for taking the time to meet with me. I would like to connect with you and find out what kind of
clients you’re looking for.” You can adjust the wording in this email to suit each individual and
situation. Send it soon after you’ve scanned in the business card information.
When you’re in an area where there are other businesses, (i.e., for a meeting with a client) drop by
ask for a card for the owner, CEO or owner. Mention that you were “in the building for a client
meeting.” Many times, the receptionist will give you one.
Then send a slightly different email to the person whose card (or cards) you have, ask what they do,
what their business is about, and ask to connect with them. Many times, they’ll say, “sure!” Now you
can establish a relationship.
You can pick up a number of new leads like this, just for asking for their card.
If you can spend more to stay in business class areas while on travel, you’ll have the opportunity to
network with executive-level people and make connections doing the same thing. The extra money
that you’ll spend can pay off in additional contacts and eventually, additional revenue.

5) The Family & Friends Reunion

When you’re starting a new digital marketing business, of course you’ll be telling colleagues and
potential clients about what you’re doing now. But did you tell your Mom? How about your best
friend from high school? On the surface, it may sound like a wasted exercise. But family and friends
can also be a source of leads for your business. You never know who they know, or know by a few
degrees of separation.
Let them know what you’re doing, even if they don’t quite understand it, so be ready to explain your
business. Just ask them, “Do you know anyone who might benefit if I share a strategy, a frame work
or a process that will help them generate clients? I’m just looking for someone who can generate a
little feedback from their business.” The worst that can happen is that everyone says, “no.” But there
is also the possibility that they might meet someone in the near future, or know someone they didn’t
think about at the time you asked them.
Call it your “Family-list,” because talking to your family and friends can be a great lead development resource.
You may think that the people you are close to you know and understand what you’re doing. But you
may be surprised to find out that they don’t. Let them know what you do, and how you help people
and businesses to succeed, even if it’s more than once.
There is another benefit to explaining your business to your “Familist.” You’ll increase your
confidence and become more succinct about how you communicate. The people on your “Familist”
won’t be as judgmental as someone you’re trying to talk to in a business. Over time, you’ll improve
and refine the way you explain what you do and how you can help businesses in their marketing

6) The “Hot Or Not Dating” Strategy

Social media is not used enough for lead development.
If you’re not in a business-based private group on social media sites, join one or more
for your local market. Facebook and LinkedIn have any number of private groups for
any collective topic you can think of, including business. Find a business group with
larger companies involved, and you can connect and engage with a bigger number of
potential clients.
Many people are frustrated with their AdWords campaigns. They’re spending lots of
money and getting very little ROI from them. Let them know that you can help them
get a better rate of return on these campaigns. Getting into the right private groups is
a powerful way to get in front of business owners who are in need of your services.
Ask a question like, “Does your AdWords campaign stink right now? Do you want me
to have a look at it for you? I know many people are frustrated. Let me help you make
them work, and get a better rate of return. I’m happy to have a look at it and see
where we can improve it for you.”
You can also scrape your LinkedIn list for possibilities, but communicate outside of
LinkedIn. “We know how to make AdWords work for you, but most people don’t
understand it. Let us review your campaign and strategy and see where we can
improve to help you see a better rate of return.”
Want to start your own private group for business people? Find members with
LinkedIn sponsored ads. They’re cheap, and you can create your own group quickly.
You can also make and share your own videos in your groups. Facebook Live allows
you to live stream anything you want. Want to show how to set up an AdWords
campaign that works? Share that video in your group, (or do it live on Facebook) and
prospects will be asking for more information. You’ll soon be working with clients to
improve their AdWords campaign and help their businesses grow.

7) I Want To Blow Your Mind

It’s easy to create a visual, dramatic result that sets you apart from the rest of the market, with a
high perception of value.
Appeal to a business owner’s ego by creating a personalized, four-page mock-up “magazine” with a
stand-out cover that shows how it could be used to promote his or her business. Health service
providers are particularly ego-driven, especially for high-end aesthetic services, and can be difficult to
get to.
You can produce this four page “magazine” cover quickly for a number of leads. Use digital printing
technology on 11” x 17” 350gsm cardstock in high color. (You can even outsource the headline
writing part to sites like Fiverr and Craigslist.) Using data merge, you can create these unique pieces
for all of your prospects. Once you create it, you can change it and create more quickly, for any
market. Take your designs to any print shop or office supply store that offers large color copies.
You’ll put the “cover” design on the right side of the page. When you fold it in half, it looks like a
standard magazine. Leave the bottom third of the “back cover” blank, with the text, “Your Photo and
‘About You’ section here.” The top two thirds of the page speak directly to the owner, suggesting a
focus section on next steps and going forward. Personalize it using owner’s first name, as you would
if you were speaking to them in person.
On the flip side, which becomes the inside of the “magazine,” you’ll add your presentation, with facts,
figures, and other pertinent information. Discuss all aspects of your services, including email
marketing, content creation, video marketing, lead generation and other ways you can help them
stand out in a crowded market.
Add this to a package where it can’t be bent, and send it to by courier to the prospect. Make sure he
or she is required to sign for it—not by a staff member at the office receiving mail or packages. Once
they see your mock-up and how they can not only increase exposure but dominate in their market,
they’ll be ready to take your call. Follow up with a phone call once you know the package has been
delivered, and begin the conversation.

8) The “I Want You” Method

If you’ve ever worked with a client you wished you’d never met, turn the tables and have the clients
you want to work with come to you.
Are there companies you’ve always wanted to work with, because of something specific? Do they
share your ideals and values? Are they dedicated to and support social causes? Are they creative or
innovative in the market? Pick and choose the companies you want to work with that align with your
own values. Once you understand what these companies are about, you can start your nurturing
campaign to engage with them.
When you connect, you’ll start the conversation with something like, “I’m looking for companies that
are keen to add significant value and be great for their customers. I’m also looking for companies
who want to be fantastic with their team, build a culture, grow and expand their opportunities and
build their assets. That’s the kind of company I want to work with—are you that kind of company?”
They’ll very likely say yes, even if they just want to be that kind of company, and similar to you.
They’ll be drawn to you, and you’ll attract the kinds of companies that you want to work with. You
think like they do, and they want to work with you. You’ll be targeting them, rather than them
targeting you, and opening up a level of partnership with you.
This process opens up opportunities with people who value you as a partner. This is significant,
because you pick a company based on their values, and they’ll pick you because you espouse the
same values that they do.

9) Let’s Have A Party

Getting together and networking with potential clients can be an enjoyable and fruitful lead development experience.
This is especially true if you’re the one who’s organizing the event. You can build authority, really
connect with the right people, and create exclusivity with people you want to meet with.
Executive-level people are more likely to go to a breakfast meeting than a lunch or dinner activity.
It’s on their way to work, and they don’t have to take time out of their day to leave or alter their
schedule to attend. Invite CEOs and other influencers privately, no more than 5 or 6. They’ll get to
network with their peers, other CEOs and influencers from a list of leaders in the market. They’ll be
able to discuss trends, changes and other events in their industries.
Once they’ve had some coffee and a bite to eat, you can give them a 30 minute talk about what you
can do and educate them on “how we can help people like you in your market.”
Hold this Done-import polymer email list, update lp, email and lead development “by-invitation” gathering in an exclusive venue, and make sure that it’s memorable. Hosting
an intimate event like this can give you a strong position in the market. The people you invite will
value that connection, and you’ll quickly become an influential person by going out into the market.
If your intimate functions become well-known and popular, you may have people calling to “get on
the invitation list.”
You can also host an industry-specific event like this on a weekend, or hold online webinars. The idea
is to have a direct connection to begin building relationships. If you create exclusivity, the positioning
is incredible, and you can generate great clientele for your company. The loyalty factor also brings in
great clients.

10) “I Need To Speak To The President”

Most industries have associations for like-minded people in different markets and industries (such as
the American Bar Association for attorneys.) Take an interest in this association (or the associated
industry or niche), and look at ways of helping out. You’ll connect with either a local, state, chapter
or national level individual in the association. Introduce yourself to the lower-level chapter presidents
first. Over time, you can get introduced to national presidents of these industry associations.
It’s best to start conversing with influencers and other connections. You can move your way up the
ladder to high-level presidents as long as you offer them all ways to add value to their company.
When you’re introduced, explain what you do and how you can help them. If you’re “the new thing,”
you’ll not only get noticed, but possibly hired as well. These are people who are accustomed to
paying higher fees for consultants and marketing agencies.
Start by reaching out to local chapter presidents and ask if they can introduce you to higher-level
presidents, especially a national president. (If the local chapter president can introduce you directly
to a national president, you’ll have a assured audience.) Depending on where you live, there could
be multiple chapters your city and/or state. National-level presidents can also introduce you to others
who may be interested in your services.
Ask if they are doing any digital marketing, if they’re interested, and suggest things like online
webinars and other training. These webinars can bring you additional clients for your own business.
Connecting with association presidents can expose you to a large number of potential clients and
members. Additionally, when you attend events where a president appears, you’ll be able to meet
more influencers, because they’re also friends with the president. This is one of the more interesting
ways to meet new clients and make new lead development connections.

11) The Rapid Cash Injection

This lead development strategy is simply a short, direct offer a current list you already have—a past list,
cold list, etc. You’ll send a series of 4 emails, each making a direct offer to the recipient.
The first email will ask the reader, “Can I help you improve or get better results with your Adwords
campaign? If you’re interested, just reply ‘yes’, and we’ll be in touch.”
In the second email, you forward the first, and ask, “Just wanted to make sure you saw my earlier
email. Can I help you get great results with an Adwords campaign? If you’re interested, just reply
In the third email, you’ll ask, “What do you think about the idea of improving the results of your
Adwords campaign to get a better rate of return? If you’re interested, just reply yes.”
In the fourth email, you’ll ask, “Are you interested in directly engaging with your customers, and
getting much better results and better engagement while improving your ad campaign through
Adwords? If you want me to help you, just say ‘yes.’”
Be consistent in asking, “Do you need help? I can help you.”
You can also change the focus of your offer by saying, “I’m taking on 2 people where we’re looking
at key strategies to maximize every aspect of Adwords campaigning so you can get better results.
Are you interested in working with me?”
Just by offering to help a potential lead with Adwords can bring in new clients and cash in a relatively
short period of time. The quick, valuable offer gets straight to the point and immediately conveys
what you have to offer them as a client. The more of these offers that you send out, the better you’ll
get and the better your Done-import polymer email list, update lp, email and ad returns.

12) Romancing The Gatekeeper

One of the most vexing things for an agency owner is getting past a business owner’s gatekeeper.
But their job is not to keep everyone out, just to make sure that the ones who get in bring value. A
gatekeeper can be the key to business with a high-value client.
In small and medium sized businesses, the decision maker can be very difficult to get to because of
their gatekeepers. This is particularly true in the health niche—physical therapists, cosmetic surgeons,
and other professional practices where the owner is also the decision maker. In the lucrative
cosmetic surgery market, the practice manager is frequently the one who takes care of the
How do you get past the layers of “protection” around the decision maker to talk to him or her? Offer
value to the gatekeeper, so that the gatekeeper can become your advocate—and introduce you to
the doctor and/or business owner.
Bringing donuts, lunch or other consumables to a clinical office environment only gets them talking
about you until the food is gone. But offering them real value is a “way in” that nobody else can
compete with. Get them talking to you about what they’re looking for, and give it to them.
There are private Facebook groups for every kind of special interest group around. There are groups
that meet locally to world-wide groups where people discuss their shared interests. They’ll discuss
something specific to them, whether it’s work, politics, hobbies, pets, work life, home life, automotive
issues, etc. Facebook frequently recommends them when you express interest in a topic.
These Facebook groups are free and very easy to create for yourself. Start one for your target
market (i.e., practice managers.) You can find new members to invite both on Facebook and on
LinkedIn. Once you’ve started and populated the private group, start asking questions:
 “Who is engaging agencies?”
 “What would grab your doctor’s attention? What grabs your attention?”
 “What’s the best way to get on your calendar/your doctor’s calendar?”
Ask all relevant questions that you want answers to. It won’t be long before these people will start
telling you. Formulate your strategies based on what you read in your Facebook group. Offer them
value by recommending resources (not your own) that are useful to them in their practices.
Build and nurture these relationships, and you’ll have a much easier time getting in to see the clients
you’re interested in.

13) The “Round Up The Posse” Strategy

You may find yourself working with a number of similar or complementary businesses—law firms,
accounting firms, brokerages, etc., that could refer clients to each other. Have you considered
adding value to that relationship by collaborating with them?
You already know that everyone is always looking for new clients, just like you. What if you worked
with some of your clients to find new ones? What about giving them the opportunity to access
additional resources and refer clients to each other?
“Rounding Up The Posse” helps you do just that, in two versions: one live, and one on a smaller
scale, as a webinar. Form a strategic alliance with some of your clients in order to introduce them to
new leads.
The first version is a live meet-and-greet event in a venue that your current clients sponsor (and pay
to participate in.) Charge each client a portion of the associated costs for the event (venue, catering,
marketing materials, etc.) Your company will offer resources to each of them to appear in the live
event and gain benefit from. As an incentive, you can offer each client a “money-back
guarantee”—that is, if they don’t generate any returns from this event, you can refund their money.
Your agency does all the event planning: renting the venue, sending emails and invitations, booking,
etc., and position the value. The attendees should all be business owners from various groups and
industries. In return, you introduce 100 (or more) of your own clients in this event. Each sponsoring
client demonstrates their services and how these various people could benefit from their services.
Make sure that each attendee spends time with each sponsoring client that’s showcasing their
services. You’ll also generate a “hot database” of leads by demonstrating your agency’s own services
to the attendees.
You can “round up the posse” on a smaller scale with a webinar which are great for lead development. Using the same idea, client
sponsorship, you can give a presentation without a pitch and promote it as value-add- only training.
Target a specific niche market, and each partner can benefit from this webinar. It’s an opportunity
for companies to learn more about different available goods and services.
By “rounding up your posse,” you’ll all be supporting each other, open up new business
opportunities and quickly generate even more leads and business. Who can you collaborate with?

14) The “Show Me Yours And I’ll Show You Mine” Strategy

When you begin to take a direct interest in someone else’s business, they become interested in
Look for a business that’s a key influencer within a market and work with the type of companies that
you’re looking for. Reach out to these companies that work with other larger businesses, i.e.,
accounting firms, training business, etc., and sit down with them to discuss their company. Explain
that you work with high-end clients like them, and you’d like to begin referring clients. You need to
know more about their business so that you’re referring the right type of clients. Ask what type of
clients would be best for their services.
Note: you don’t want to talk to someone on the local level. Seek out influencers at a higher level.
High-end clients have more resources to work with.
You’ll say something like, “I’m looking to refer customers to you like the ones you already have. What
kind of clients can you help get the best results with your services? When I meet with them, would it
be OK to refer them to you?” You’ll learn about their business, how they operate, and other things
you’ll need to know.
Eventually, they will ask about your business and what you do. At that point, you can begin to
explain how you help companies maximize their Adwords campaigns, target specific customers and
increase ROI. Ask the individual, “have you tried any of these strategies yourself?” This opens the
conversation towards them becoming a client.
Additionally, they’ll look for people to introduce you to who you can help, and find a way to get you
in touch with people who really need your services.
This is one of the best and easiest ways to find clients by referrals. When you become a referrer,
people will look for opportunities to send to you making the lead development process that much easier.

15) Something To Show You

Need something a little different to use in your lead development presentation and pitches? Show them what’s already
working for someone else.
Find the best performing strategies and campaigns and include them in your lead development presentations. You can
demonstrate to potential clients how your strategies are working elsewhere in the market.
Someone is always sharing their work and talking about how well it’s working for them, and the great
results they’re getting. A picture paints a thousand words, so a picture of a successful campaign that
you can replicate for a client can be worth thousands in revenue.
Find the best performing campaign in a specific niche. Look for a campaign that’s successful over a
specific period of time, or one that’s selling a specific niche item.
How do you find these interesting campaigns? Easy—Google them. Use this information to create
your pitch or presentation to potential clients in your niche. Research these campaigns for niches in
another city or location so that you’re not offering their competitor’s information.
Then offer to show it to them and explain it:
“I was doing some research, and I found the top performing ads in your market/niche/industry. Are
you doing any marketing right now? Any AdWords marketing? Would you like to know why these
strategies are working? Are you interested in finding out what AdWords can do for your company?”
“Let me show you what’s working well, and is relevant to you market, right now, that can bring you
great results. Can I show you the reverse engineering of why this is working so well for other
companies? Would this be of interest to you?”
Be specific about what’s working, how it’s working and why. Catch their interest, and they’ll say
“yes.” They’ll want to see the “secret,” why it’s working so well, and how it can work for their

16) The Sneak Peek

If you want to break into a new market that you’re not into yet, there’s a simple way to establish
yourself and open yourself up to high-end clients. Offer them a “Sneak Peek” of what’s already
effective in their market.
Once you know which market you want to break into, find a strategy that’s already working in that
market in another location. Reverse-engineer the best practices in this market by starting with the
top ten companies that are converting clients with their sites.
Find out which one is the best converting. What does their website look like? What’s the strategy for
engaging their clients? What kind of interaction do they have? How are they converting? What kind of
traffic do they get? Why are they so good at what they do? Answer these questions first.
How do you know these sites are high-converting? You’ll perform analysis on the company, what
they’re spending on marketing, and run some analytics on the site itself (using tools like CrazyEgg).
Check on the firm and their numbers. You can even call the company directly and ask about their
advertising and how it’s working. Most won’t waste a lot of money on under-performing ads.
Use this information to start the conversation with prospects. “Can I show you what’s working really
well converting clients in your market? Let me show you what’s working in your market, and how you
can have a high converting page too. Are you interested in seeing this, and learn how to get a better
If you’re doing AdWords campaigns, expand on it and ask, “Can I show you the #1 converting site in
your niche, why it’s working, and how you can use this strategy?”
Send this out in your cold emails to specific markets (accounting firms, law firms, etc.) and show
them the data, demonstrating how they could benefit from using the same best practices.

17) The Avid Alumni

Call this the “old boy’s network,” or “the old girls network” method of lead development.
It’s simple: if you’re a college graduate, reach out the colleagues or alumni that you know from your
days in academia. Find out where they are now. Say hi, ask what they’re doing, what they’re working
on, and if they’d like to reconnect. They’ll generally ask you what you’re doing, so take the
opportunity to explain your services. Then ask, “is there anyone you know anyone that can benefit
from this service?”
You can even reach out to high school alumni, if you like. You may be pleasantly surprised at who
you find and what they’re doing now.
You never know where your college friends and acquaintances have ended up. If you went to a
business school, you may find that many of fellow alumni are running their own businesses, are on
boards of directors, or are in executive level positions in different business organizations.
The Avid Alumni is a great way to reconnect with people from your past and open up new
lead development opportunities and new markets. It’s also one of the easiest things you can do to find referrals and
generate a significant number of new clients.

18)The Blue-Light Strategy

Looking to generate quick sales? Do you have a list—any list? Put together a high-value, compelling
lead development offer to a specific list and let them know about it.
You’ll contact just a couple of people and offer them something that you’re sure they would be
interested in at a special price. This lead development tactic offers high-value, high-return service. Charge a smaller price, but
require a specific-sized budget. You can also waive any setup or other administrative costs that you’d
normally charge for a campaign. You’ll say something like:
“Normally, we charge $X for this, but we’d like to offer this to you for $X (as long as you have a
budget of $X.) We’ll even waive our setup costs, which are normally $X for a campaign.”
“We’ll give you our highest converting page that we know works, for $X, a value of $XX. Just reply
and say ‘yes,’ and we’ll get started.”
The client will know they’re getting a very good deal from you, and be more inclined to accept.
Position this very high-value offer with a compelling email, reach out to your list and see who
responds. (Make sure that you’ll make a profit from it, of course.)
The short, direct email is perfect for this:
“Are you interested in getting a boost in direct clients that are interested in spending $5,000 on what
you’re selling? Just reply yes.”
“Can I show you how to get clients for free?”
“Can I show you how to get your marketing paying for yourself within 30 days?”
If you have a premium service, The Blue Light Strategy is a great way to highlight that, too.
It’s fast and easy once you create the offer, demonstrate the value and add urgency. Since most
people don’t do this, it’s a great way to get more “yes” responses from your marketing.

19) The Intro Mail High

Some marketing advice suggests connecting with a company’s marketing person directly, but there’s
a more effective method. Let the owner, CEO or other high-level person introduce you to their
marketing or creative director themselves.
Start out by doing research for the market the company is in. You’ll need to do your homework on
what’s going on in that market and/or industry. Turn that research into very compelling and powerful
copy that’s relevant to the market. Then turn it into an email to the CEO, vice-president or other
high-level individuals at the company.
Your copy should discuss current industry trends and how they can have an opportunity to improve
their results. Ask who they can introduce you to that’s the person you need to connect with in their
Larger companies usually have a chief marketing officer, VP or other head of marketing. You’ll just
ask, “I’m just reaching out to you—who’s your guy?” If they respond, they can introduce you to the
key person. They’ll generally tell you, “you need to speak to Jane.” Reach out to that person,
explaining that the CEO “asked me to speak to you.”
There’s a reason to connect with the CEO or other high-level executive first. If the CEO is introducing
you to that marketing person, the marketing person is going to listen to you. If you just connect on
your own, there’s a chance you’ll be ignored. By connecting with the CEO, owner or other high-level
executive first, you have an “in” that you wouldn’t get by contacting the marketing person first.
You can do the same thing at networking events where CEOs and other executives are meeting.
Introduce yourself, give a short pitch, and many will simply tell you who the individual is, and how to
get in touch. Employ the same opening line: “John asked me to speak with you about improving your
marketing results. . . .”
This is a fast, powerful lead development method that can get you in front of a decision maker easily.

20) The “Not Me” Strategy

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself presenting your company and services to someone who
just isn’t ready for you in the lead development process, or for whatever reason, just says “no.” They’ve taken up your
time, so it’s time to ask them for a referral to someone who is more likely to say “yes.”
You’ve given them some value, so ask for a little value yourself.
“We’ve spent some time sharing our processes and strategies with you, ways to get
clients, value, opportunities and ways you can benefit. Obviously, you’re not ready for
our services, for whatever reason, but do you know anyone who you could refer me
to? Do you have a supplier, or a relationship with someone that you could ‘share me’
with them? Someone who could benefit from our services?”
“Just from what you’ve learned from our audit, our strategies, is there someone you
know who would need our services and be interested?
If you’ve shown them results, and they’re not buying, but they’ve received value from
you, they may feel bad for saying “no.” Many times, they’ll know someone who should
see your presentation and will give you their names which turns a no in the lead development process to a potential yes from their referral.
This is a fast, easy lead development way to turn a “no” into a possible “yes,” just by asking.

21) The “You’re Awesome” Strategy

Are there any companies in your lists that have won any industry awards? In fact, awards of any
kind? These companies might be easier to talk to than you think.
Award-winning companies are focused on growth, and making sure they’re generating more new
business. These companies also spend a fair amount of money to becoming nominated and to try
and win industry awards (particularly the high-profile ones.) Even if they’re only nominated, or
become a finalist, they’ve spent a significant sum to be in the running, and will use that in their
These types of companies spend large amounts of money to win awards because they know the
value of a win in their marketing—recognition, bragging rights, etc. For many awards, a company will
have to demonstrate their growth, their prowess and competency, as well as other qualities when
they submit their application and fees.
Every major association runs awards in its markets and/or in its country for the top players in those
markets (i.e., The American Chemical Society, or the worldwide Home Staging Industry Awards.)
They are some of the easiest companies to connect with. Once you find them and their award, you’ll
have a great opening line: “Congratulations on your award, your submission was great. I’d like to be
able to talk with you about improving your marketing.”
These companies are looking for ways to expand their marketing and generate more clients. They’re
interested in growing their companies, so they’re open to people who want to talk to them about
growth and their marketing.
There are award lists from all over the world, so look at the awards they win. They’re easy to find,
ego-driven and love the publicity. They’re willing to spend significant amounts of money on
marketing, and are really easy to reach out to.

22) “Trust Me, I’m A Gynecologist”

Despite the provocative name, this strategy is a meticulous method of doing research on an existing
ad campaign and dissecting it. Once you’ve completed your analysis, you’ll use that information to
reach out to potential clients in a new market.
Find a successful case study (from someone else, not your own) of a winning marketing campaign.
Now, reverse-engineer every detail of it. You want to show the workflow of how this company gets
results for their clients in the market.
Look for a case study from a successful company that got a great result. Find one that’s well
engineered, and show the workflow of how they get new clients. Deconstruct it completely, down to
the last detail, and map out the strategy on a granular level. Offer the information to potential new
clients by asking, “would you like to see how they did it?” If they respond, you’ll move them further
into your sales funnel.
You can use a cold lead development email campaign to take this message to your new target market. Walk them
through the process, and explain, “I can show you exactly what happens and why I can help you
with automating your marketing campaigns.”
This is a lead-generation strategy, where you can send out part of the information, or send the entire
mapping to them, so that they actually don’t have to engage with you. There is no follow-up with this
lead development process—you’re driving the traffic back to you.
Once you have an understanding of how the campaign was created, you’ll offer to show potential
clients how it can work for their business as well.

23) The “I Want You To Meet Somebody” Strategy

This lead development method is similar to asking for referrals, by asking someone you know to introduce you to a
potential lead who might need your services.
Think about who you’re asking, and make sure you can provide value to them. Engage and establish
relationships with people over time. Consistently seek ways to add value to these relationships,
without expecting or asking for anything in return. Over time, people will be looking for an
opportunity to send business your way, even if you don’t ask for anything in return. You then ask,
“Can you introduce me to opportunities?” Just make sure you provide as much value as you can.
You’ll generate value in these credible relationships. Always offer them great service.
You can also have a conversation that starts like this:
“Do you know someone who is having problems with their AdWords campaign? Can anyone introduce
me to someone who is? I’m happy to review what’s going on and make sure that they get it
working.” Not only will you get referrals, the person you ask this to may also be interested in talking
with you about starting or improving an AdWords campaign, based on the value you can provide.
This simple lead development strategy can work very quickly to lead you to new opportunities and additional revenue,
just by asking for an introduction.


Lead development requires persistence and well thought out strategies.In order to be successful you will need to be flexible with the way you present your business to prospects and engage with them in ways that they will be receptive to your offers. Lead cevelopment can be as simple as trying one of these new tactics you have’nt tried before by reaching out to new ways to a new audience you have not interacted with before and in a different way than your competitors. We hope these 23 new lead development tips help.

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