Youtube Remarketing

Remarketing on YouTube (called “retargeting” on Facebook) can be a very powerful tool when you’re looking for new business prospects. Visitors to your website are showing interest. If they just click off and never come back, you’ve lost them. But if you’ve pixeled those visitors, you’ll stay in their line of sight. Remarketing can be very effective and less expensive than trying to get new website visitors.


Nobody Converts Right Away

We don’t always say “yes” the first time we see an ad. But when the ads re-emerge while users are doing their research, your brand gets back in front of them, and stays there. Remarketing allows you to re-engage these visitors, using Adwords or other tools. You can do this with your own YouTube videos.

When someone visits your website, you’ll give them a “pixel,” a simple remarketing tag added to their browser that allows you to follow them around. If they later visit Facebook or other social media platforms, you’ll be able to re-engage with them on that platform, too.


Three Ways On YouTube

There are a number of ways to advertise and remarket on YouTube, and it’s fairly easy. YouTube’s Indisplay puts your PPC (pay-per-click) ad at the top of the search results, marked as “AD.” You’ll only pay if someone clicks on this video and views it.

YouTube SEO is free, and is another way for you to engage with your audience. You can use both in tandem to be in both places at once.

YouTube’s InStream ads are only PPC if a user clicks on the ad after 30 seconds (or anytime during a shorter video). Should your prospects engage with your video, you can add these to specific remarketing lists, depending on the subject of your video. These are also cheap, and you can put them in front of your videos, too.

Use the opt-in function in the drop-down menu on YouTube’s remarketing list and you can remarket from people who engaged with your content in many formats. Once you see how people engage with your content, you can track them based on behavior and remarket.

Multiple engagements increase brand awareness, so have more ads ready to deploy. Follow up with new ads and new videos to continue building your brand awareness and keep your brand in front of these prospects.


Giving Value Before Conversion

Give prospects value first, then follow up with direct response ads. Use freely available content to give value, build your brand’s awareness, credibility, social proof, etc. Direct response ads after these initial “touches” will lead to more eventual conversions.

Additional videos and ads give you a chance to get in front of the viewer to give them a second chance to convert. Using these methods can lower your cost per opt-in and customer cost.

Users who see you more than once will feel confident about converting. When they’ve come to know your brand, understand what you’re about and how you can help them, they’ll be more likely to convert. Whether it’s opting in, downloading your content or actually buying a product from you, that confidence will eventually turn into a conversion.


No “Hard Selling”

YouTube remarketing doesn’t require the “sell-sell-sell” mentality to make your ads work. Value-driven ads for your remarketing always outperform direct response ads. Put your value up front, and your freely available content will increase confidence.

You need that focused brand awareness, because it’s becoming more and more important in the ad performance mix.


It’s About User Experience

Build evergreen content, and offer a much better user experience for you and your brand. Giving an amazing user experience sends you higher quality leads that convert.

YouTube remarketing is a more elegant, sophisticated method of effective advertising that gives a better user experience and lowers your cost per customer. Building trust into your user’s experience also means they aren’t bombarded by regular “sales messages.” Too much exposure means users end up getting sick of hearing from you, and could eventually tune you out.

Greyson Schwing
CTO, Operations and Technology lead. Greyson Schwing is the Chief Technology Officer and Operations Manager for More Prospects Now. He is primarily responsible for all the technical aspects. He is a graduate of Old Dominion University in Virginia. Greyson lives in the New Haven, CT area, expanding MPN’s presence. Living with his wife Casey, children Addison and Maya, and their two dogs and two cats, Grayson enjoys reading fantasy books and playing video games (frequently with Addison.)

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