Leads are the fuel of rapidly growing business, the way to get more depends on the size and resources that a company has.When we started More Prospects Now Llc, we had time but not a lot of money. Everything seemed to cost more than we were prepared to spend. Leading us to the conclusion that we needed to invest our time reaching out to the people we knew who would benefit from our services and meeting new people. The first thing we did was the exercise called the Customer Value Journey(CVJ), which identified who our best prospects were, where they were, and what motivated them. Armed with this information, we joined an association that supported the same types of businesses that we were targeting and put a plan together on how to service the members. This lead to over sixty-thousand dollars of sales in the first four months. As our revenue grew, our tactics changed based on the best use of resources. Generally, businesses move through three stages of marketing-driven by their yearly income;

Up to Five Hundred Thousand per Year
Five Hundred Thousand to One Million per Year
One Million per Year and Above.


If you are doing less than five-hundred thousand a year in revenue, it is best to work on direct sales. Direct sales take a significant amount of personal time but comparatively a small cash amount of cash. Direct sales include networking, marketing to previous clients or contacts volunteering, and the like. These companies need a credibility website that supports their efforts. The site needs to show that they are a credible business worth engaging. You should update the site at least monthly, so your clients and prospects see that you are active. These updates can include reviews, blog posts, and news items.


For companies doing between five hundred thousand to a million, a reliable digital marketing strategy in conjunction with robust direct sales is best. To accomplish this, you need a significant website with the information the visitor is looking for. Including the answer to their most frequently asked questions like do you do the type of work I need, can I trust you and how much is this going to cost? The site should be SEO’d for one location and five primary keywords.


The most cost-effective way to get prospects is Inbound Marketing. Inbound generated leads cost 61% of the cost of average outbound leads. The challenge is that you need to make a significant investment to realize the savings offered by Inbound. (Hubspot) The price you pay per lead is 80% lower after five months of a concerted effort at Inbound Marketing. (Eloqua) The challenge is you need to cover the cost of building a successful Inbound system before you start receiving the benefits. This system is usually best for companies doing over one million a year and about ten employees or the resources to cover the first five months in either cash or sweat equity.

If you’d like help deciding what the best website is for your business, schedule an introductory call and let’s discuss.

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