Social List Building – How To Use Facebook Traffic

There are a few basic points to getting Facebook Traffic, the biggest one is consistency. A fair number of companies get this wrong. It’s not difficult, it’s just a matter of knowing what they are and applying them to your campaign.

In order to be successful in any Facebook campaign, you must of course get your message onto Facebook where people can see it. Tempting as it is to show it to absolutely everyone, that’s not really an effective strategy. Your main goal is the first step of your sales/traffic funnel, and that’s to run your ad to people who have never heard of you, or who know you, to look at what you have to offer. When they become interested, they also become your traffic.

Once you set up your sales/traffic funnel, you’ll get an ad in front of this traffic that takes them directly to your landing page. From there, you’ll get their contact info. This isn’t just for leads—you’ll also give them a tripwire offer after they opt in, as well as other offers in your funnel where you ask them for money.

The Ad Campaign: Starting And Building Your Relationship

Your Facebook traffic introduces them to your company, your business, and gets them initiated, so the messaging must be appropriate for the audience.

Consider a party. If you’re invited to a baby shower, but show up with a gift wrapped for a graduation party, you’ll receive some strange looks (unless everyone is in on the joke.) If you receive an invite for a graduation party, but arrive at the venue and discover it’s a baby shower, you’ll probably leave, believing you’re in the wrong place.

It’s the same with an ad that takes the users to a landing page. Companies are making the same mistakes in their ad campaigns. If they see an ad that catches your attention, but the landing page isn’t consistent and congruent with the Facebook ad, your traffic will think they’ve gone to the wrong place, and they’ll leave.

5 Elements Of A High Converting Ad Campaign

  • Offer—the lead magnet or other “present” for the people in your market. This is what they receive in return for their information.
  • Copy—the written part of the ad and offer that speaks to the person reading it. If the copy doesn’t speak to them, talk about the benefits, speak to their pain points and resonate with them, it doesn’t work.
  • Creative—if the creative part of your ad isn’t done properly, it’s not going to work. Like the copy, images, videos, and other illustrations that don’t speak to and resonate with your target audience won’t give them the right message.
  • Ad Scent—Facebook ads need to look and feel the same as the landing page. If it’s not consistent, users will abandon their search down that trail. (More on this in a moment.)
  • Targeting—talking to the correct audience. Using the party analogy, it’s like inviting adults to the kids party. It’s boring and they’re not enjoying it.

A Valuable Offer

Make sure that your lead magnet is something people would actually want to download or use if you expect it to increase your Facebook Traffic. Give them a reason to give you their email and information. People are willing to give their info for a really great company, so speak directly to your target market. Make your lead magnet and/or tripwire a really great offer that’s valuable to them.

Copy Speaks

The copy should convey why your offer is something people want (or should want.) There isn’t a singular formula for “the right copy,” because markets are so different, and diverse audiences around the world will see your ad.

Your copy must speak directly to your market, hit their pain points and talk about the great benefits of your offer. People go to a social platform like Facebook to have conversations with friends and family, not to be “sold.” Copy must sound like a real person speaking to them, not “selling” them, so keep it conversational.

Know exactly who you want to talk to, and call them out. There is specificity in numbers, so keep that in mind when you write your copy.


If you’re bringing a present to a party, consider this the “wrapping paper.” An attractively wrapped gift is a lot more interesting than something in a brown paper bag. But you must use the correct “wrapping paper” for that to happen. Your images are that “wrapping paper.”

You can use either images or video in your Facebook ad. But this graphic is the most important part of your ad. People will see the graphic or video in the ad first, before they read the copy. Again, however you create your ad, make sure the look and feel of the ad is the same as the landing page.

Avoid using graphics that are too brightly colored to avoid looking like spam. You want to catch their attention for the right reasons, and not because your ad looks like the all-too-familiar clickbait.

Your image should send the same message that you put forth in the ad copy and must be the most interesting part of your campaign. If you’re not a designer yourself, or you don’t have one available, Canva and DesignPickle are two available resources for helping you design a graphic for your campaign.

“Literal” works well in creatives. Your ad graphic should be a literal representation of the message you’re trying to portray to your audience. You want something eye-catching, but not obnoxious. Again, you want to gain their attention, but not for the wrong reasons.

A line of text on your image isn’t necessary, but will work well if you have one powerful tag line to drive more Facebook Traffic.  You don’t have to be a graphic designer, but you must do some of the research to get to the heart of what you want to say and convey. Google AdSense and Images can help you find keywords that can help you come up with ideas for ad images.

The “Scent” Of Your Ad

When people start searching online for things, they go down a trail until they either find what they want, or realize they’re on the wrong track. They’ll keep going down that track as long as they can detect the “scent” they’re looking for. When it disappears, they leave.

Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center describes this behavior as the “hub and spoke” method of online  research. A user starts out with a “hub” (search engine, Facebook, etc.) and goes down a “spoke” looking for something. If the user doesn’t find anything, or the “scent” goes away, the user returns to the “hub” and starts searching elsewhere. Users will continue to do this until they find what they need or simply give up.

They’re looking for something to satisfy their need or attention at that moment. To keep them on that “spoke,” you must maintain the “scent” until they reach your website, landing page, lead magnet, etc. Providing  a consistent “scent” keeps traffic heading in your direction.

Three Keys

There are three major elements to getting the “scent” right. This will help you understand the importance of maintaining the “scent” for your traffic to find you.

  • Design/Imagery—does your ad look like the landing page?
  • Benefits—does the landing page maintain the look of the ad?
  • Offers—is the offer the same in both places?

If these items don’t match up, users will leave because they think they’re in the wrong place, so keep these elements consistent. While the ad and the landing page don’t have to be completely identical, they need to have a unified look and feel so that users know they’ve gone to the correct place.

More Consistency = More Facebook Traffic

Keep these design elements consistent throughout your campaign, too:

  • Color Scheme
  • Layout
  • Imagery
  • Font Selection, Size and Color

Keep the benefit “scent,” and use the same language in the landing page. Make sure your users don’t think they landed somewhere else.

Make sure that what you promise in the ad is on the landing page, too. Congruence is essential here. Don’t forget to make sure your ad goes to the correct landing page!

The more you can increase the ad’s “scent,” the more you can move and increase traffic and convert better.


By finding your correct audience, designing well and keeping each part of your ad campaign consistent and visually seamless, you’ll see more leads and conversions in your sales funnel. Speaking directly to your audience, giving them a good user experience and offering them a useful  “gift” or a great tripwire will introduce them to your company and start a positive business relationship.

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