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Can Your Reputation Take a Hit?

Our Agency specializes in improving or removing bad listings and negative search results to improve your search engine results with our Online Reputation Repair tactics. If you’re not sure what online reputation management  (ORM) is, consider the 2012 presidential campaign. The Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, was undone by a video—a speech about the 40% takers. The discussion here is not about politics, but how your personal reputation can take a hit because of the internet. Compared to ten years ago, the word gets around like lightning. That video of Governor Romney was blasted all over the internet on social networking sites, YouTube, cable news shows, and the network news. Very few people in the United States missed seeing that video. The Republican campaign and Governor Romney’s reputation were, at least in the short term, badly tarnished. The same type of thing could happen to you and your business.

How Does Word Get Around?

Not long ago the internet didn’t have the power to damage reputations. Most companies doing business over the internet were just selling. Customers were not actively communicating with, or about, online companies. That internet has passed. In its place is a whirlwind of interconnected activity that quickly moves information everywhere.

Fast moving information is a great thing when communicating a positive message about your business. A fast moving negative message might badly damage your reputation. Throughout each day, people all over the world are connected to each other on social networks. Connectivity is how your business gets noticed and talked about, and the only thing that travels faster than good news is bad news.

An old saying in the business community goes something like this: a satisfied customer tells a few people about his experience. An unsatisfied customer tells everyone. The way the internet works these days “everyone” translates to millions. Are you waking up to the importance of reputation management?

How Do You Manage an Online Reputation?

Hire a firm that specializes in Online Reputation Repair. More Prospects Now can help your business, and you, build and maintain the right kind of presence. We can add value to your brand and promote your success. Most importantly we can protect your business from attack.

Competitors, disgruntled employees, or angry customers can use the internet to spread harmful information. When you search for your business, the first result is, of course, your business. The remainder of the results might be negative comments aimed at hurting your reputation.

Experts at More Prospects Now know how to bury negative search results and promote the positive message you want out there. The job they do to restore and maintain your reputation is reminiscent of public relations specialists.

Finding out About You: Internet Search First

Anyone that wants to know about you or your business is turning to the internet. It might not seem important because you are a good person and always handle your professional and personal life with integrity. The problem is, not all people have integrity. Someone who decides they want to hurt you can easily do so via social networks, blogs, YouTube, and they don’t even need the truth to do it.

Can’t I Just Handle My Reputation Myself?

You can try and take on the task of managing your reputation yourself; but, consider how much time and effort you would need when you can use our experienced and professional Online Reputation Repair team. Who would run your business? Some things require professionals. Imagine if each citizen decided we didn’t need police to handle law breakers because we could just do it ourselves. Police are well trained, experienced, and have the proper equipment and organizational structure to do the job. We have the experience, knowledge, and organizational structure to build and keep your reputation stellar. More Prospects Now—Contact us today.

If you want to take your business to the next level by hiring us as your local Online Reputation Repair company then give us a call for a free consultation at (540) 259-5001 today or contact us here! You can also get more information or message us on our Facebook page.

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