Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO

An effective Fractional CMO can help you increase qualified lead flow, build integrated sales and marketing processes, and win more business faster by identifying and removing any friction present in customer acquisition efforts.

The world that we live in is one that is on demand. We can signal that we need a ride right from our mobile devices, use software that is constantly being improved upon behind the scenes and order anything online and have it delivered within just a few days. What Type of Business Needs a Fractional CMO?

What Type of Business Needs a Fractional CMO?

1. A company that already has a marketing team in place but is looking for guidance on an executive level as well as leadership and a fresh perspective.

2. VPs of Marketing or Sales, CMOs and CEOs who are looking for an outside, independent perspective on their go to market tactics and strategy and on their business as a whole.

3. Companies who plan to hire a CMO or VP Marketing role and who want to get a head start on those critical go to market activities while also taking the necessary time to find and hire the right person for the job.

What Fractional CMO Services Might Include

Some of what we will do as your dedicated Fredericksburg VA Fractional CMO:

1. Targeting buyers and markets. Analyzing and then understanding what the best opportunities in the market are and who the decision makers are. This can include core value propositions by the audience.

2. Execution of the sales pipeline. Getting a perspective of the full funnel. Driving the leads at the top of the funnel to the middle of it and then ultimately to the end of the engagement within the funnel and closing the sale or deal.

3. Strategy and execution of content. Positioning, messaging and even mapping of content to the overall buying process is a part of what a fractional CMO can do. This can include employing the ideal channels in order to reach both the target buyers and the touch points of those buyers along the entire buying journey.

4. Measurement and metrics. Establishing and then monitoring the critical performance metrics like the growth rate of leads, what the customer acquisition cost is and what the value is of lifetime customers. A fractional CMO will be able to assist your business in increasing the flow of your qualified leads, building integrated marketing and sales practices and winning more business at a faster rate by identifying and then removing any friction that might be present in the efforts of customer acquisition. Bottom line—Fractional CMOs make marketing more effective.

The only real reason why business owners set up websites is to get more customers. If you’re not converting your website users into customers, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity, and someone else is seizing that opportunity. They’ll be sitting down, relaxed at the thought of all of the money and customers they have taken which should’ve been yours.

If you want to take your business to the next level by hiring us as your  Fractional CMO then give us a call for a free consultation at (540) 259-5001 today! You can also get more information or message us on our Facebook page.

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