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Your Customer’s Journey Map

Modern marketing has a lot of moving parts. It isn’t just “advertising” anymore. Digital marketing goes wherever your customers go online, and helps them find you.

Once you’ve identified your ideal customer and caught their attention, there is a path they travel before they become a customer, called the Customer Value Journey (CVJ). This 8-step process takes them from awareness of your company to advocating and promoting your company to friends and colleagues. The CVJ is visually laid out in the Customer Journey Map. Along the way, they begin to engage with you, build a relationship, become a customer, then a super-fan who keeps telling other people about your company.

The Customer Journey Map

DigitalMarketer Customer Journey Map

However, they don’t go through this journey on their own. You need to utilize a strategy that helps prospects through the journey toward becoming customers and fans. Without a plan, they will stop their journey and may be lost for good. The Customer Journey Map above displays these strategies to help you find and retain prospects.

There are 8 steps to the CVJ in the Customer Journey Map:

  • Step 1: Awareness

This is the step where you are getting on your prospect’s radar—and on their mind—to let them know you exist. It is the first step on the Customer Journey Map. Advertising, such as blog posts, PPC, Facebook or other social media ads, etc., as well as the result of organic search results or referrals. Go with any channel that puts you in front of your prospects.

  • Step 2: Engagement

This is where they are more than aware, and interact with you. So what are you doing to engage with the people who are becoming aware of you? What does that engagement look like? The content could be in the form of white papers or e-books, YouTube videos or other consumable material that tells these prospects more about what you do and how you can help them.

  • Step 3: Subscribe

How do you get them to engage and subscribe? Do you have the ability to follow up? What kind of lead magnets are you offering, and what kind of “gated” content do you use, such as free reports and webinars? Here, you’ll have their contact info and express permission to contact them and follow up. You have reached the end of the first level of the Customer Journey Map.

  • Step 4: The “Connect” Stage

Here, you’ll get your subscribers to make a “micro-commitment,” either with money or time. This could be a video on YouTube, or something you’ll sell them as an “entry point offer,” with something that’s a high value but a low risk to them. Webinars are also a time commitment—when they show up, they are offering their time. At this point, your relationship with them has changed from “visitor” to “customer.”


  • Step 5: The “Excite” Stage

After you’ve succeeded with a “micro-commitment,” you’ll want to add some excitement to continue the relationship. But if they’re not excited about converting, they won’t continue to engage. How are you working with them to ensure that your promises are delivered? How can you get them to the stage where they have that “A-ha!” moment? Use both wonder and understanding—once they get it and understand it, ensure that they are amazed by it.

So, what needs to happen so that they reach the “A-ha!” moment? What do they need to believe to get to the moment? Follow-up emails, retargeting, and other “helps” will give your customer a memorable experience and helping them to win. Make your customers happy, and they’ll move into the next stage.

  • Step 6: Ascend

People will usually buy a low-priced item first, then buy a higher priced item as the move up the ladder on the Customer Journey  Map. This could be your subscription services or other higher-end products.

  • Step 7: The “Advocate” Stage

Once people have become comfortable with your company, are happy with you, leaving testimonials and saying great things to others (without being asked), they’re known as “advocates.” Ask your customer service people for their names and stories.

  • Step 8: Promoters

These are the advocates who are actively promoting your company’s product or services and generating referrals. They have traveled to the end of the Customer Journey Map. By promoting your company to referrals, these advocates are starting the process over with awareness, engagement, excitement and connection, and closing the loop. 

The key to more referrals is to make your current customers successful and help them win. Successful customers will refer new customers, without even trying.

Use this exercise with your team to determine what you need to improve, and where. Use a whiteboard and give your team members Post-It notes for idea generation and placement.


Take a look at the Customer Journey Map, and pick one box for optimization. Avoid awareness for a starting place, since it’s too broad. Find the place where customers are stopping and falling off the journey. Are they stopping at engagement, or are you failing to excite them? Are they purchasing your low-priced “loss leader” and leaving, or do they even get that far?

Additionally, look for ways to maximize the customers you do have, and turn them into advocates and promoters.

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