Is your experience with digital marketing one of frustration and disappointment? Have you spent hours and thousands of dollars without results? The most likely reason is that you focused on how it looked. You wanted a website that would impress the visitor. A site that would show all the great things your company can do. To have that, your company message needs to guide the website.

And, yes, the way your site looks is important. However, the appearance of a website doesn’t matter without relevant content. The best way to get the results you want is to answer your visitors’ questions.

The most common questions are:

  • Are you credible?
  • How much is this going to cost?
  • What are my choices, and what are the pros and cons of each?
  • How do I pick the best options for me?
  • What can go wrong during the process?

Step 1: Knowing your prospect is key to developing your company message.

You get to know your prospect through the Customer Value Journey (CVJ). DigitalMarketer (DM) developed the CVJ to answer who your customers are, what motivates them, and how they want your product to make them feel. You need this information to know what they are looking for and how your company message speaks to them.

Once you know these, you can write to them rather than at them. The reader will feel as if you understand them.  Their trust leads to a relationship with your company. Your company will become the benchmark against which other companies will be measured.

Throughout your website, you’ll be moving them through the customer value journey.  At each step, your customer connects at a higher level. During the journey, they share more information based on the message. This information allows us to speak to them where they are in the decision-making process. With a well thought out Call to Action (CTA), the customer is invited to move to the next level of the CVJ.

Now that you have the right messaging, you can begin to design the home page.

Step 2: Put your company message on your home page.

There is a concept called the high converting home page, developed based on research on thousands of home pages by DM. The purpose of the high converting home page is to answer the most critical questions a prospect has as soon as they arrive on your home page. They want to know if you can be trusted, and can you give them what they want.

A prospect will only engage with you if they have become comfortable with your company and decided you can be trusted. The site structure is critical at this point. You want your site to be easy for your lead to navigate so they can easily find the information they want. Along the way, they are invited to connect at a higher level through CTAs and other content, such as videos and infographics.

Step 3: Focus on site structure to rank well.

Once you have your message in place, you can move on to the technical parts of web design. You should focus on making sure the site structure complies with Google webmaster guidelines. Compliance is essential, so Google can crawl your site quickly, making your site loads fast and is mobile responsive.

Using the keywords developed during the CVJ, you will need to plot out what content needs creating so you can answer the questions your site visitor has. When they are asking Google for the answer, you want Google to direct them to your site.

Once your website becomes a magnet for your ideal clients, you can go to the next phase of your marketing: moving the prospect from being interested in your product or service to having a buying conversation with you.

Arthur Radtke
Editorial Content Associate, 15+ Years of Content Marketing Expertise and Teaching. MPN founder Art Radke is on a mission to give smaller home services businesses an advantage that bigger national businesses have: marketing that brings in business. After running the largest Business Network International chapter in the US with his wife, Art and his wife began working with local home services businesses to help them compete with larger national organizations operating in their hometowns. Art lives in Fredericksburg, VA, with his wife and enjoys sailing.

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