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SEO Blogging For Dummies

Read this “SEO Blogging for Dummies if youre wondering if blogging and SEO go together. Because of course,they do! You want people to read your blog, don’t you?

Why Are You Blogging?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is why blog in the first place. While there are many people who can call themselves “bloggers,” they’re not all writing good content that gets them noticed. But if you want to increase your rankings and traffic you should fow the steps outlined here in our SEO Blogging for Dummies article.

If you’re just writing something to get your name and opinion online, it’s probably something your friends and family will read, maybe a few other interested parties. If you frequently publish things that no one is really that interested in, you might get regular readers, but you won’t grow your readership.

But if you’re writing regularly to update, inform and educate your readers on a particular topic, and offer them a certain amount of value, that’s better. Fresh, original and valuable content is one of the best things you can do for your readers, as well as your SEO.

What A Search Engine Looks For

Search engines are also seeking out updated content. Google’s QDF algorithm (“Quality Deserves Freshness”) means that “fresh” content, newly written and frequently on trending topics, will be picked up first.

Google presumes that when you search for keywords, that you’re looking for the latest information. By offering the fresh, current content, Google is more likely to pick up your site. The more this happens, the more often your site will be seen—if you continue to offer “fresh” content.

Keywords/Key Phrases

What people are looking for? Keywords and key phrases are the things you’ll add into your blog to be picked up by search engines. You’ll have to decide exactly what your keys are before you start writing. Generally, these keys are what people are looking for, or what’s “trending.”

If your blog is about marketing, and you’re writing a post email marketing, then you’ll use “email marketing” for your keywords. But if the blog post is about email marketing for B2B, use the key phrase “email marketing B2B.” You’ll use these keywords a few times in a natural sounding manner.

Caveat: avoid the old practice of “keyword stuffing,” or putting your key words in nearly every sentence to attract attention. Search engines, especially Google, hate it, and will drop you if you keep it up. Keyword stuffing is now considered part of “Black Hat SEO,”a dishonest practice that violate terms of service can get you banned from search engines completely.


These are other websites that have linked to your site. They give your blog, as well as your website, social proof and subject matter authority, as well as increased availability to search engines.

You don’t want just any old links, though. You’ll want quality, not quantity.

Like keyword stuffing, purchasing backlinks from junk websites just to fool the search engines is also part of “Black Hat SEO.” It may work, for a while, but will ultimately backfire and cause your site to be “de-indexed,” or dropped from search results. Since SEO and other things digital move quickly, this could happen overnight. Best bet: avoid dishonest methods of fooling search engines.

8 Steps To A Successful Blog

  1. Identify valuable keywords with solid query volume
  2. Define an editorial calendar at least two months ahead
  3. Create a small pool of writers and editors
  4. Optimize the blog pages for SEO
  5. Internally link and cross-reference the blogs
  6. Provide social sharing links for users
  7. Cross-promote related blog posts
  8. Promote blog posts through email and social channels


Starting a blog is a great idea for promoting your business and Blogging For Dummies is a great starting point. You can pass along pertinent information to your customers, let them know what new offerings you have for them, or talk about related topics that are trending right now. What do your readers want to know? What kinds of questions are they asking? What keeps them up at night? These are all great blog topics for your target market. With the right SEO tactics, you can bring in, even more, readers, too.

Was SEO Bloggging for Dummies usefful? Need some help with your SEO? We’re right here in Virginia, and will be happy to help you with every aspect of blogging, SEO and anything else you need help with.

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