Overview: $10 A Day -The Virginia Marketing Plan

Spending money on social media advertising can make you a little uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to with our Virginia  Marketing Plan.

A Facebook advertising campaign can help you reach a wide range of people, a tightly targeted demographic, or somewhere in between. The actual amount of $10 a day is a ratio of how to spend across your different campaigns and across a number of platforms. But you can, if you’d like, spend just $10 day.

Facebook’s 1 Billion-Plus Users

There are a number of different kinds of campaigns you can start on Facebook, because of the large numbers of differing demographics. You can just run an ad that everybody everywhere will see, or you can target your ad to different markets (women, men, parents, business owners, etc.) This system is easy to use, and while designed for Facebook, will work across nearly any platform. You can create multiple ad campaigns that work hand-in-hand to acquire leads and sales for your business.

However, this isn’t just one ad campaign. It can be, but part of it will be for creating brand awareness for people to learn who you are, what you do, and how you can solve their problem. There are three parts to your campaign:

  • Awareness
  • Evaluation
  • Conversion

After you raise awareness for your company and brand, they move into the evaluation, where they learn more about your company. From the second stage, you’ll work on moving them into the conversion stage, where they actually purchase from you. With our help you can create an effective Virginia Marketing Plan which will improve these stages of development.

Traffic platforms are changing, and the platforms all want what’s best for the end users. Most people expect ads, but may tend to turn a blind eye to them. At the same time, online buying cycles are changing, as are the users. They’re not as click-happy, especially when they know they can go to Amazon or another trusted vendor to learn more and buy what they need,

“Traffic Temperature”

You want to automate your campaign’s relationship building. That is, you set up the process that takes them through these three stages so that they work off each other. You’ll examine the “Traffic Temperature” of three groups to move more people through your marketing funnel:

  • Cold—these are people who have never heard of you (or your brand). You’ll target their interest on Facebook for awareness.
  • Warm—these are “acquaintances,” who have shown interest, clicked and liked your posts, but still haven’t bought or are still examining your company and its product or service.
  • Hot—these are your brand enthusiasts. They’ve bought from you, may even be repeat buyers, and are happy to know your company. These are buyers who may go on to buy bigger later and spend more money with you.

You’re Who?

You can’t expect someone to spend a lot of money with you from one ad if they’ve never heard of you. That’s why brand awareness is so important—they need to know who you are, how you can help and what you’re all about first.

You should have a specific goal for cold prospects: introduce the brand and business to your market who has never heard of you. Your goal won’t be to sell anything—you’re only interested in making people aware that you’re there and that you can help them. You may not see any return on investment on this part of your campaign, since you’re just introducing your brand as an unknown, and hopefully converting some of these new users into solid leads.

Hot leads are the customers who love you, spent money with you and will continue to speak well about you on social media. Hot traffic is the monetization stage, and you can sell higher dollar products and services to this market.

These steps are not platform-specific. They can work on any traffic site, i.e, Twitter, YouTube. Find out where your target market actually hangs out, and bring your message there. Consider what offers you’ll present, and at each stage. Will it actually get them to buy? Targeting is a VERY important aspect for a high converting Virginia Marketing Plan.

Cold Traffic

Again, cold traffic is all about introducing yourself to your audience and target market. Even if you already have an existing customer base, you’ll still need to run your ads to a cold audience to bring in more leads. Otherwise, you’ll be talking to the same people over and over, never bringing in any new business and your business won’t be able to grow.

Going to cold audiences is about putting your brand in front of new people who don’t know you yet. You won’t be “selling” them, but you’ll use your introduction to give value, build trust and authority in your market.

Your Cold Traffic Goals

  • Pixeling—this is a process where you add a small piece of code to your website, ads and other media that follows users round the web and helps you build better ads for them.
  • Segmentation—when your cold prospects click on something specific (i.e., blog post), it helps you make them a more relevant offer later. For instance, if your prospect clicks on an ad or post about email marketing, you’ll know immediately that they’re interested specifically in email marketing, not just digital. You can create targeted ads for them accordingly.

What Should You Talk About?

Once you know who these prospects are, figure out what you’d like to talk about, and what you can offer to your cold audience. Consider creating things like:

  • Blogs
  • Social Media Updates
  • Podcasts
  • Content Videos
  • Quizzes and surveys
  • Lead Magnets (i.e., case studies)
  • White Papers

Offer them something of value without asking for their email address. Give them that value first, and build your credibility and relationship equity before you ask them for anything in return. These are all ways to get in front of cold traffic, leading with undated content as part of your Virginia Marketing Plan.

Warm Traffic

These are people who are your brand’s “acquaintances.” They’ve liked you on Facebook, clicked on your posts and “liked” them, or follow you on other social media (Twitter, YouTube, etc.) They’re your Facebook and/or Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, etc. They may have opted into your email list that you’ve uploaded to a specific platform (like Facebook.) They’ve probably visited your website, and now have a pixel so you can build your retargeting campaign.

The goal here is to turn them in to real leads for your business. You can reach out to them after sharing your work. They’re in the evaluation stage, but not yet in the buying stage. It’s time to move them into the conversion stage as a buyer.

These are people who may have visited one of your blog posts, but didn’t click on it or sign up for updates. You’ll run ads to engage them to be a lead or a buyer. You’ve already introduced yourself, and they know who you are—so it’s time to make a move. Keeping up with consistency and brandings is another important part of your Virginia Marketing Plan.

Your Warm Traffic Goals

  • Generate leads—convert these into buyers. Create low-dollar sales and other hard-to-resist offers just for your warm traffic.

What To Talk About

Make them offers that they’ll be interested in looking at, and possibly buying:

  • Lead magnets—these are best for warm traffic. Offer these in exchange for their email addresses
  • Quiz/Survey—ask for their email in exchange for the results
  • Free or paid webinars—depending on the subject, some seminars can turn warm traffic into buyers
  • Flash sales/low-dollar offers
  • Product Demo
  • Branding Videos
  • Books, free or paid
  • Free trial offers

Sometimes what you write about as part of your Virginia Marketing Plan is not always what you are saying, but how you say it.  Learning how to present topics is sometimes more important than the actual topic itself.

Hot Traffic

These are actual buyers—they’ve bought from you before, and perhaps continue to buy from you. Some may not have bought from you in a while, so it’s time to reintroduce yourself, let them know you’re still around, and reactivate them as buyers.

Hot Traffic Goals & Offers

These are people who know you and your brand well, so most of your hot traffic communications will be via email marketing and retargeting ads.

  • Activation—remind your customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while that you’re still here, and ready to take care of them. See if there is a different product that they might be interested in. Maybe they’ve already purchased a low-dollar offer, and haven’t responded to another offer, so it may be time to offer them something different.
  • High-dollar offers—increase the value and give them a higher-priced product to consider.

What Should We Talk About?

If they only know you for one product or service, it’s time to let your hot traffic know about other things you can offer them. Don’t forget to follow up with other buyers in case they are interested, too. For instance:

  • Events—paid webinars or other live events that they may be interested in.
  • High Dollar Offers—products or services that they may not know you offer.
  • “Done For You” Services—turnkey products and/or services that save them time and money

Don’t Leave Money On The Table

Use paid traffic for your higher dollar services. Not many marketers are running ads to their hot traffic, and are missing out on additional revenue.”Early Bird Pricing” for a future service (webinar, product, etc.) is one example of offering something higher-end to this audience and increase the chances of conversion.

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